Brazilian Social Movements to Protest Against New Coup President

Source:  Tele SUR

May 12 2016

Organizers said social movements remain in “permanent mobilization” against any coup regime.

women protest against the impeachment of Dilma in Sao Paulo

Women protest against the impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff at Paulista Avenue in Sao Paulo, Brazil, May 11 2016.  Photo:  Reuters

The Brazilian coalition of social movements known as the People’s Front Without Fear called for protests against interim president Michel Temer in Brasilia for Thursday.

Resist in the streets

Called “Temer Never! Resist in the Streets for Your Rights”, the protest will start at 5pm local time.

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Guilherme Boulos, a member of the front and national coordinator of the Homeless Workers Movement, said that social movements will remain in “permanent mobilization.”

The Popular Youth Uprising, and other groups have also organized protests around the country. Named “Cunha in Prison and Temer Out,” demonstrations have been confirmed to be taking place in front of Brazilian Democratic Movement Party offices in 16 states in Brazil: Amazonas, Bahia, Ceara, Minas Gerais, Paraiba, Para, Pernambuco, Parana, Piaui, Rio de Janeiro, Rondonia, Rio Grande do Sul, Rio Grande do Norte, Sao Paulo, Paraiba and the Federal District.

Laryssa Sampaio, from the Popular Youth Uprising in Sao Paulo said, “There are two central ideas. The first, to denounce the institutional coup, which just passed a new phase, and to demand the ouster of Temer: he was elected as vice (president) not president. Second, prison for Eduardo Cunha, whose corruption is proven.”

One thought on “Brazilian Social Movements to Protest Against New Coup President

  1. The statement of Samori Marksman, the late and visionary program director of the Pacifica radio station WBAI based in New York City that “When all else fail, the power of the people will prevail” is the most likely prospect for the reinstatement of the democratically elected president of Brasil, Dilma Rousseff.

    There are several explanations for the latter likely political outcome that will inescapably have to be the result of the raw power and organizational skills of the broadest coalitions of the democratic forces in Brazil given the following factors.

    First and foremost, the coup leaders including the shamelessly corrupted and disgraced coup president Michel Temer have the votes in the Congress to actually remove Dilma Rousseff permanently as the president of Brazil in their bogus impeachment effort.

    Thus, the chances that Dilma survives the final vote of “her impeachment” except for a rare miracle is virtually zero. In other words, the oligarchy’s political servants are in the majority in both the lower and upper chambers of the Brazilian Congress. So except for a miracle and or the very forceful intervention of the people to tilt the political balance against the servants of the oligarchy and the empire, the die is cast against Dilma and democracy in Brazil and potentially the region.

    Secondly, the pro-Wall Street, pro-American and pro-oligarchy political coup leaders are hell bent on removing the elected president of Brasil because it appears that their assessment of the current political situation in the country is that their right-wing political parties are unlikely to defeat the Workers Party of Dilma Rousseff and the former popular president Lula at the polls.

    Consequently, the coup leaders seem dead set on employing what may be their best chance in the short term to “defeat the Workers Party” namely the use of a technicality that Rouseff used to balance the budget. Indeed, she employed a technicality that these politically desperate servants of the oligarchy know fully well has been used by previous governments to finance their budgets.

    However, there was never an impeachment of any previous governments for using the same shuffling of accounts in state banks to fund the budget. This is the alleged ” high crime and misdemeanor” as stipulated in the Brazilian constitution that president Rousseff is ostensibly being impeached for by a band of corrupted politicians so unpopular that their parties have been unable to win the presidency for the last four elections that were won by the Workers Party.

    Thirdly, the political servants of the oligarchy and the US empire are so heavily enveloped in the multi-million dollar Petrobras ( the state owned oil company) corruption scandal that has only added to their alienation and unpopularity that they are unwavering in their resolve to shut down the investigation into the scandal against them.

    As such, these political cowards have decided to use a perfectly legitimate tool, namely, the articles of impeachment that are enshrined in the Brazilian constitution for cases of ” high crimes and misdemeanors” to conveniently oust a president under whose government such investigations were preceding. In other words, these cowards who are orchestrating a coup against the democratically elected president of Brasil and against democracy in the country have no problem accepting multi-million dollar bribes though they are terrified of being held accountable for their real ” high crimes and misdemeanors.” These corrupted cowards who have already suspended the elected president of Brasil and her agenda for the country are really using “her impeachment” as a dubious cloak to end the investigation into their corruption which could potentially send many of them or maybe all of them to prison for a long time. The latter could no doubt end their political careers and more importantly their political service to the local oligarchy, Wall Street and the US empire. There is too much at stake and so they are determined to end the rule of Dilma’s government which would probably push for their corruption investigation. The successful persecution of the corrupted coup leaders could potentially strengthen Dilma and the Workers Party politically in a country whose people are impatient to see an end to corruption.

    Fourthly, the coup leaders being the subservient servants of the oligarchy and the US empire that they are would in all likelihood be opposed like the leaders of the US empire to the BRICS and Brazil’s role in this important strategic alliance of nations of Russia, India, China, South Africa and obviously Brazil.

    The US empire is not happy with Brazil’s role in the BRICS and more generally the very political economy of the BRICS particularly its policy independence from the US empire, it’s collective economic weight as a share of the global economy of an estimated $25-30 trillion and its challenge to US domination in the world.

    Indeed, the BRICS’ establishment of its own development bank about 2 years ago as a counter to the US dominated World Bank in Washington DC and its critical stance towards the IMF leaves the empire and its political servants such as ‘President Michel Temer’ and the other coup leaders preoccupied.

    Consequently, as president Putin of Russia, a member country of the BRICS and a well known nemesis of the US said, the political crisis in Brazil is engineered by “foreign intervention” to get rid of president Rousseff. In this regard, there are plausible reasons for the fury of the empire with Rousseff. First, she is perceived by Washington as an ally of two challengers of US global interests, namely, Russia and China, simply for being a leader of Brazil and the BRICS. Consequently, she is no doubt seen as being opposed to US global interests which means she is opposed to Washington’s geopolitical domination of the globe. Secondly, Rousseff has given her active support to the creation of a new reserve currency to compete with the dollar. Thirdly, she supports the new development bank of the BRICS as being indispensable to propel growth and development in the BRICS and developing countries as opposed to the Washington based World Bank that has failed the growth and development needs of the BRICS and the developing world.

    Thus, the coup leaders in Brazil are also satisfying not only their own political interests and that of their local oligarchy but it seems clear that they are also satisfying the empire’s geopolitical interests of weakening or even dismantling the global impact of the BRICS should they succeed to permanently remove Dilma from office.

    Therefore, Brazil under a president Temer unlike a president Rousseff would be pursuing a subservient neoliberal policy agenda both domestically and internationally to the satisfaction of the local oligarchy and the US empire. The latter policy agenda would not only strengthen the political and economic power of the super-rich and the oligarchy and pauperize the majority in Brazil but it would also effectively marginalize and or debilitate the power of the BRICS in challenging the power of US empire.

    Furthermore with a known corrupted “president Temer”and a declared neoliberal devotee, Wall Street and Washington would be able to achieve virtually whatever policy concessions they desire to strengthen their domination of Brazil but they could also get Temer and his government to support their geopolitical designs including the weakening of the BRICS.

    In this context, Michel Temer is a political liability to the interests of Brazil and its people since as a known corrupted politician Washington will no doubt exploit his compromised status to vigorously achieve their policy agenda. The empire could even use “white mail” as threats to publish information about his corruption to weaken his already very weak popularity (only 2% of the electorate in a recent poll say they would vote for him as president) among the population.

    Thus in the context of the foregoing, Samori Marksman’s visionary words , “When all else fail, the power of the people will prevail” are not only relevant in the context of the unfolding crisis in Brazil, they seem to represent the only solution to restore president Rousseff to office but more importantly to save democracy in Brazil from the coup leaders. However, as Marksman knew and as the indomitable fighting people of Brazil know, for their will to prevail against the power of the coup leaders and their imperial masters, they will not only have to be in “permanent mobilization” but also in a permanent state of organization against the coup plotters.

    The people of Brazil will have to mobilize and organize for what in all likelihood is shaping up to be a protracted political battle against powerful and corrupted rulers who will stop at nothing including police and military repression to impose their neo-liberal agenda where “free markets” will impose discipline on workers and the poor and the state will subsidize and bail out the the banks and businesses of the super-rich whenever they experience financial problems.

    By the way, isn’t it striking that the US government supposedly a” champion of democracy” in the world to be so silent while democracy is being dismantled by “an impeachment coup” led by its political allies in Brazil?

    “Peace begins when the hungry are fed”

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