Brazilian Senate Coup Forces Out President Rousseff

Source:  TeleSUR
May 11 2016

The president will address the nation soon after she is notified of her suspension from office while she faces trial.

Dilma Rousseff,.jpg

Brazil’s Senate has voted 55 to 22 to put President Dilma Rousseff on trial, which could lead to her impeachment. The marathon session lasted for almost 24 hours and was met with protests in support of Rousseff and against what many call a soft coup. Rousseff maintains that she has committed no crime and that the attempts to oust her are therefore political.

IN DEPTHThe Coup Plot That Seeks to Oust Brazil’s President

The head of state will now be suspended from office for a maximum of 180 days, leaving Vice President Michel Temer as acting president during her trial. He would remain in the post until elections in 2018 if she is found guilty.

Supporters of Rousseff again held an all-night vigil and more plan to take to the streets of the fractured nation this morning.

We are going to fight

One protester quoted by teleSUR said, “We don’t care if they say it is legal, it is not. We will continue to fight.”

Meanwhile, the legal grounds for impeachment were questioned by the secretary general of the Organization of American States, Luis Almagro, Tuesday. He stated that he would seek the legal opinion of the Inter-American Human Rights Court.

corrupt senate vote against dilma.jpg

Politics Behind Senate Impeachment Vote

Unlike Temer and ousted president of the lower house Eduardo Cunha, Rousseff is not embroiled in any financial impropriety. She is accused of manipulating government budget accounts ahead of her 2014 reelection, an act she argues was done by previous governments without special scrutiny.

Given the lack of legal basis for the impeachment – constitutionally allowed only in cases of serious crimes – many argue that the impeachment bid has less to do with rooting out fraud and more to do with reinstating conservative power that hasn’t been won at the ballot box since Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva came to power in 2002.

Austerity measures will return under Temer

In a report revealed by O estado de Sao Paulo, Temer’s Brazilian Democratic Movement Party indicated that it would implement sweeping austerity reforms, including cuts to the lauded Bolsa Familia program.

The report also said the PMDB would consider cutting a large housing program for the poor and displaced workers and a program to make college education more accessible.

Rousseff will be suspended leaving Michel Temer as acting president during her trial 

See full article here:  Brazilian Senate Coup Forces Out President Rousseff


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