Brazil: Lower Chamber Head Annuls Rousseff Impeachment Process

Source:  TeleSUR
Mayy 9 2016

Interim head of the Lower House Waldir Maranhao is apparently placing himself in position to take over Brazil’s presidency if the impeachment process continues.

Waldir Maranhao brazil.jpg

The interim President of the Brazilian Lower House of Congress Waldir Maranhao signed a decision on Monday to invalidate April 17’s vote by lawmakers to push forward the current impeachment process against Dilma Rousseff. He is asking for the process against her to include Vice President Michel Temer.

The move by Maranhao comes days after Brazil’s Supreme Court suspended the Lower House President Eduardo Cunha accused of corruption.

A number of irregularities 

Maranhao, who was installed as interim head of the lower chamber after the suspension of Cunha, said a number of irregularities during the voting procedure led him to annul the April 17 vote.

The petition to annul the vote was made by the Attorney General of the Union.

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Maranhao has made a power move

Cunha was third in line to become president of Brazil, after Temer, if the Senate would have voted this Wednesday to proceed with the impeachment process against Rousseff, which would suggest Maranhao has just made a power move placing himself next in line to become the country’s interim head of state.

Brazilian newspaper Folha reported that the reason behind Maranhao’s decision is the interpretation that the congressional vote exceeded the denouncement against Rousseff for budgetary irregularities and included involvement in the state-run oil company Petrobras scandal.

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“For these reasons, I have annulled the session held on the 15th, 16th, and 17th of April, and determined that a new session will be held to deliberate over the material during five sessions from the date that the process is returned from the Senate to the Lower House,” he wrote, in a press release.

Maranhao added that, “In order for my decision to be carried out, I have sent to this document to the Senate president so that the procedural documents of the impeachment process can be returned to the Lower House.”

Dilma: This is a coup against many things

After learning of Maranhao’s decision to annul the impeachment process and begin a new one, Rousseff made a public statement saying, “We have before us a hard fight … full of difficulties … There will be much struggle and many arguments.”

She insisted that, “this is a coup against many things … the democracy that we elected the first worker, that we elected the first woman.”

And again she said, “my disposition to fight until the end, is now more true than ever … we have to defend democracy, fight against the coup, and fight against all of this process.”

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