Through Cuban Eyes: An opportunity to learn what’s really happening in Cuba

Through Cuban Eyes

Friday April 22


Sign Up!

Attend the Forum. This evening event will give you an opportunity to interact with our Cuban guests. Doors open at 6pm

For those of you who cannot join us in Washington D.C. you can still be part of the Days of Action Against the Blockade

Some actions you can take: 

  1. Make a donation to support the work of the International Committee.
  2. Organize an event in your community during April 18-22
  3. Visit the local offices of your elected official.

Download our latest brochure

explaining what Obama can still do and what he cannot do and also download the Palm Card  for the April 22 Forum:“Through Cuban Eyes” and help us spread the word

Join the campaign to end the U.S. blockade of Cuba

end the blockade of cuba

International Committee
for Peace, Justice and Dignity

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