Days of Action Against the Blockade

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Source:  Days of Action Against the blockade

end the blockade 2When President Obama and President Castro announced a new era of US-Cuba relations on December 17, 2014, many people around the world hoped that – after a half century of a failed U.S. policy towards Cuba – relations between the two countries were finally about to change.

Today, more than a year later, not much real progress has been made. There have been some changes, yes, but they have mostly been incremental and symbolic.

We know public opinion in the United States and all over the world overwhelmingly favors lifting the blockade on Cuba, but it remains intact.

It is up to us to let the people of the U.S. know what has not been happening – and what can and should be done to advance the process of really normalizing relations.

Obama, acting on his own authority, can do much more

We know that Obama, acting on his own authority, can do much more than he has done, especially with regard to the blockade. He could, for example, grant general licenses in a number of fields that would render the blockade irrelevant.

Before relations between the United States and Cuba can ever become truly “normal,” many other changes must happen too, including:

The people of the U.S. must be able to travel freely to Cuba, as they do to all other countries in the world. The prison in Guantanamo must be shut down, and the naval base turned over to its rightful owners – the Cuban people.

Change is not going to come without struggle.

We are now organizing our second “Days of Action” in Washington, DC, to push for real change. We are working with a coalition of groups who collaborated with us last year to make the first Days of Action a success. And we have also invited a number of Cubans experts from the island to join us this time to share the realities of Cuba and their views on the new era of relations.

One of the few positive outcomes of the changes since December 17th is that more Cuban are receiving visas to come the U.S. We think it is important to take advantage of this new window of opportunity so we can keep up the pressure against the blockade and peel back the lies against Cuba we are fed daily in the corporate media.

We are inviting solidarity friends from across the United States, Canada and other countries to come to Washington April 18-22, 2016 to share ideas and widen the awareness of the impact the U.S. blockade has not only on the Cuban people but also the people of the United States as well.

Our Second Days of Action activities will include:

* Organized advocacy visits to Capitol Hill.
* An Interactive Community Forum with speakers from Cuba.
* Presentations in Universities and other places by Cuban invitees.
* More to be announced.

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We need your help!

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