Brazil: Rousseff Supporters Launch Massive Anti-Impeachment Marches

Source:  TeleSUR
April 11 2016

protesters defend dilma and democracy.jpg

 Tens of thousands of protesters throughout Brazil are scheduled to take to the streets to “defend democracy.” | Photo: Reuters

In the days leading up to the vote in the lower house, demonstrations are being held across Brazil opposing calls for Rousseff’s impeachment.

dilma 7.jpg

UK intellectuals back Dilma against ‘coup’ attempt

Demonstrations are scheduled to take place in at least a half-dozen states across Brazil on Monday in opposition to impeachment calls against President Dilma Rousseff by the country’s lawmakers.

The marches, which will take place in the midst of congressional impeachment efforts, are being organized by social movements along with supporters of the President Rousseff.

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A major protest is scheduled to begin at 5:00 p.m. local time, in the city of Rio de Janeiro, which will be attended by former President Lula de Silva along with many famous Brazilian artists and musicians, including Chico Buarque, Joao Bosco and Eric Nepomuceno, all of whom reject the impeachment efforts being considered by Brazilian legislators.

The event organizers are hosting the event in order to generate popular opposition a potential vote in favor of impeachment by a Brazilian congressional committee, which is expected in late evening.

WATCH: Marches Across Brazil in Defense of Democracy 

One thought on “Brazil: Rousseff Supporters Launch Massive Anti-Impeachment Marches

  1. Good. the people of Brazil and all Latin America need to know who is behind all these coups. Its the IMF, the World Banks and all the Rothschild’s money maker criminal mafia. The lenders oppose Dilma Rousseff for trying to join the BRICS nations and liberate countries from the money makers mafia.

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