Brazil: Tens of Thousands Rally for Dilma Rousseff

Source:  TeleSUR English

Social movements, trade unions and student groups mobilized en masse across in Brazil on Thursday. The rallies were organized to defend democracy and condemn the right-wing coup attempt against President Dilma Rousseff, who is currently facing threats of impeachment.

The peaceful demonstrators, many waving the red flags of Rousseff’s Workers’ Party, gathered in 31 cities, including Brasilia, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and northern centers like Recife.

“No to the coup,” said one placard popular at the protests. “Democracy,” read a large banner at the gathering in Rio.

In Sao Paulo, Brazil’s financial powerhouse, Francisco Ranieri, 50, said he had taken to the streets “because now is the moment.”

“The opposition wants to push Dilma from power to end the people’s government,” added Ranieri, a shopkeeper.

“Dilma is the victim of a coup,” said another demonstrator, teacher Ana Cristina Bentes, 52.

One thought on “Brazil: Tens of Thousands Rally for Dilma Rousseff

  1. Of course is an attempt to take Dilma Rousseff out of the picture by the Rothschil’s Judaic Criminal Mafia who own 95% of the banks of the whole world. The problem started when Brazil joined the BRICS nations Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa. in order to use their own money to replace the Petro-Dollar. That way they will trade without having to buy dollars for their commercial interchange including oil. The actions of the BRICS countries was a slap in the face to the World Financial System owned and operated by the Jewish Criminal Mafia. Indirectly the whole world is financing all the military aggression the US fights every where.

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