St. Vincent: We will always remember Venezuela’s friendship

Source:  Caribbean News Now

petrocaribe 1.jpg

By Reggie (Vinciman) Wright, in a letter to the editor, March 26 2016

Speaking about Venezuela, a recent poll conducted by one of Venezuela’s leading Pollster group Hinterlaces shows that around “79% of Venezuelans prefer a socialist productive economic model, while 52% believe that their economic situation will be better in 2016, and 9 out of 10 Venezuelans …prefers the government to be the one to lead the country’s economy”

Moreover, another 57% says the opposition has not made any proposals to solve the country’s economic problems despite its recent victory in the December 6 parliamentary elections, and 31% of Venezuelans sympathize more with the PSUV and other supporting “patriotic” parties, compared to a paltry 27% that has more sympathy for the opposition parties. The Hinterlaces poll has a 95% level of accuracy and a 2.7% margin of error.

Read more here: Speaking about Venezuela: In SVG, we know who our friends are

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