President Rousseff Says Impeachment Bid Simply a Coup Attempt

Source:  TeleSUR
March 22 2016

Dilma Rousseff 11.jpgBrazilian President Dilma Rousseff issued a statement denouncing impeachment efforts by right-wing Brazilian lawmakers.

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff Tuesday denounced the ongoing to attempts by right-wing opposition lawmakers to remove her from power, referring to the ongoing impeachment efforts as an “assault against democracy.”

An assault on democracy

“What is happening right now represents an assault against democracy. Therefore, I will never resign.” President Rousseff declared during a press conference.

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In the impeachment case, Rousseff is accused of manipulating the government’s accounts to boost public spending and hide the magnitude of the recession.

Rousseff also called on Brazil’s Supreme Court to remain impartial in the political dispute and said the authorized release of a wiretap of a telephone conversation of hers was a violation of the country’s constitution and national security.

Rousseff made her comments during an event at the Presidential Palace, which included the presence of lawyers and judicial officials, who oppose the current legal efforts to have President Rousseff removed from power.

Illegality and unconstitutionality

During the event, former federal judge and current mayor of the northeastern state of Maranhao Flavio Dino issued a keynote address in which he accused members of the Brazilian judiciary of committing “judicial overreach and partisanship.”

Legal expert and professor from the University of Brasilia, Marcelo Neves, also criticized the argument made by many opposition lawmakers that former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva is trying to avoid legal prosecution in money laundering charges currently being presented against him in Brazilian courts by accepting a Cabinet ministry position with Dilma Rousseff.

“Neither judges nor ministers are above the law and the constitution. Therefore, there is no opposition to legal action waged against corruption. Instead, we are opposing the bias, illegality and unconstitutionality of these operations,” Neves stated.

Brazilian law

Under Brazilian law, the Supreme Court can order the investigation, imprisonment or trial of a government minister. In other words, becoming a member of the government will not provide Lula with protection from possible prosecution.

Meanwhile, shortly after the event, it was announced that Brazilian Supreme Court Justice Rosa Weber upheld a decision barring Lula from taking the ministry post in the President Rousseff’s administration.

One thought on “President Rousseff Says Impeachment Bid Simply a Coup Attempt

  1. Corruption anywhere and everywhere is unacceptable not only because it is morally reprehensible but also because it misuses resources and reinforces income-wealth inequality.

    The latter consequences of corruption are also true of the legalized and normalized corruption in the US where Wall Street and corporate interests literally buy the political candidates and presidents by funding their campaigns for elected offices at the federal, state and local government levels.

    Needless to say, corruption does exist in Venezuela, Brazil, Ecuador, Cuba, Bolivia and many other countries. However, unlike perhaps most or all other countries, corruption of the political system in the US appears to be seen as “normal” and it is legalized within the political economy in the US.

    In fact, Wall Street and other corporate interests have managed to get the Supreme Court to refer to the dominant role of money in the US’ political economy as “free speech” i.e. the ” free speech” of the millionaire and billionaire class in selecting the so-called political representatives of the people who go to the White House, US Congress and legislatures all over the US primarily to represent the interests of the vested interests such as banking, fossil fuels, pharmaceuticals and a hosts of other economic interests.Indeed, in 2010, the US Supreme Court approved a ruling known as “Citizens United” which essentially allowed the billionaire class to spend unlimited sums of money to buy elections through all sorts of super-pacs to support candidates of their choice for elected offices including the presidency.

    Clearly, the real interests of the average Americans such as jobs, housing, debt free education, affordable health care, affordable medicines and others are sacrificed by these so-called political representatives who are funded by such super-pacs.

    The obvious political objective of these super-pacs is an investment in their preferred candidates to get them to serve their vested interests and consequently to ignore the interests of the working people who voted for their now captive politicians whose loyalty is now purchased to do the biddings of the vested interests who funded their elections and reelections in the first place through the super-pacs.

    Thus, the legalized bribery that is so pervasive in the US political system actually subverts US democracy as the political desires of the American people are marginalized and ignored by “their political representatives” who are typically “wolves in sheep clothing” as they are really beholden to the vested interests that financed their campaigns and not the interests of the majority of the voters who voted for them. This is political corruption and it is legal in America and is an affront to real democracy not only in America but everywhere.

    It is this pervasive corruption of the political economy in the US that has led to Senator Sanders’ declaration of the need for a political revolution against the rigged political and economic system that fosters and maintains the growing and unsustainable income-wealth inequality in the US’ $17 trillion economy.

    It is against this background, that US condemnation of corruption in other countries like Brazil and Venezuela must be understood.

    First, corruption in the US is so normalized and accepted in the political system that when Wall Street or a corporation donates money to politicians it is called “buying influence” in the political system though when it happens in countries like Brazil, Venezuela or elsewhere it is called corruption. How does anyone square this with a straight face? Further, where is the morality and political clout of the US to criticize “corruption” in Brazil, Venezuela and other countries given its pervasive dominance in the political economy of the US? Secondly, the US government and its right-wing allies in the local oligarchies in Brazil and Venezuela particularly in Brazil currently are using the corruption scandal at Petrobas to discredit not solely President Dilma Rousseff’s government but also the previous Brazilian President Lula de Silva and the Workers Party.

    The US and its allies in Brazil are hoping that if they can remove Dilma Rousseff as President through smears and a politically motivated impeachment process allegedly about corruption at Petrobras they would have staged not only a coup against a nationalist government but a major set back against the anti-imperialist movement in Latin America.

    Interestingly, President Rousseff herself is not directly involved nor is she under investigation in the corruption scandal at Petrobras though she is being impeached by the political servants of powerful and wealthy forces who are trying to use the scandal to effect a coup against her populist reforms under the disguise of the scandal.

    The truth is that corruption though a waste of resources that could have been invested to lift even more millions of poor Brazilians out of poverty and build more homes and schools for them has been apart of Brazilian political economy since its very inception.

    However, the right-wing political servants of the oligarchy in the Brazilian Congress, the right-wing and racist upper middle class and their US allies have never tried to impeach all the previous very corrupted governments including the military dictatorships that ruled Brazil. After all, the latter is understandable, those governments and the military dictatorships were supported by the US and the military dictatorships in particular were put and maintained in power by various American governments.

    As such, their corruption was considered “good” for American interests even as thousands of Brazilians were killed or disappeared, thousands tortured and perhaps tens of thousands particularly the dissidents had to flee Brazil to Cuba and other countries in the world to avoid prison and death.

    Frankly, only someone, Brazilian or otherwise who may have been lucky enough to survive living on a mountain under the Atlantic Ocean would be foolish enough to believe that the steps being taken by the Brazilian right-wingers to impeach President Rousseff is not a coup intended to effect a coup against a president who has pursued policies that have made it easier for thousands of Afro-Brazilians and others to escape poverty and to get a college education. Indeed, under the Workers’ Party governments of Lula and Rousseff’s an estimated 40 million poor Brazilians have been pulled out of poverty by deliberate policy measures targeted at the poor over the last decade or so.

    The latter no doubt is one of the things that upsets the Brazilian oligarchy and their allies in the US and which motivates them to seek a coup against Rousseff and more broadly the local and regional progressive and anti-imperialist movements in Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador, Cuba, Nicaragua and others.

    Interestingly, the right-wing parliamentarians are pursuing President Rousseff though she is not at all implicated in the Petrobras corruption kickback scandal. Sadly, they are not pursuing the overcompensated heads of the construction companies that built Petrobras’ oil rig platforms, the politicians of both parties and the big shots of Petrobras who received these kickbacks reportedly worth US $2 billion.

    The very fact that these right-wing politicians are trying to orchestrate a political coup against President Rousseff through impeaching her rather than getting to the bottom of the Petrobras corruption scandal rather than going after their buddies and class allies who are actually involved in the scandal is indicative of their undisguised political motivations against not only Dilma Rousseff but the Workers Party.

    President Rousseff’s political foes are exploiting the social and economic frustrations of millions of working and poor Brazilians who are having difficulties finding jobs and escaping poverty as a result of the downturn in the economy to legitimize their coup against her and her party, the Workers Party in the parliament.

    These right-wing foes of Rousseff and Lula are trying to achieve a political victory against them through impeachment that they have not been able to achieve at the ballots for 14 years now and so in broad terms that is at the essence of the ” political crisis” that in many ways has been manufactured by the right-wing oligarchy who along with their US masters have ruled Brazil for many decades!

    “Peace if you are willing to fight for it”Fred Hampton

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