Evo Morales Calls Emergency UNASUR Meeting to Back Brazil

Source:  TeleSUR
19 March 2016

Brazilians support Lula.jpg

Pro-government protesters hold a picture of former President Lula at a demonstration March 17, 2016. | Photo: Reuters

Latin America needs to defend democracy in Brazil

evo morales 26.jpgLatin America needs to defend democracy in Brazil, where opposition leaders are trying to lead a coup, says President Morales.

Bolivian President Evo Morales called on an emergency requested Saturday that Latin American nations, under the regional bloc UNASUR, hold an emergency meeting to defend democracy in Brazil, and the region.

The Indigenous president also demanded that the Union of South American Nations establish a clear position on the legal proceedings against Brazilian President Dilma Rouseff and former president and new Chief of Staff Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, both from the left-wing Workers’ Party.

The Bolivian Ministry of Communication reiterated Morales’ call Saturday, tweeting “We need an emergency meeting with #UNASUR to defend democracy and peace in #Brazil.”

Both Rousseff and Lula have been implicated in a massive corruption scandal involving the state owned oil company Petrobras, but so far have not been formally charged.

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Supporting and promoting the 1964 coup

Some members of Brazil’s opposition parties have also been pushing for Rousseff’s impeachment, however many of those leading the movement have themselves been implicated in the scandal or other money laundering schemes.

The movement against the two PT leaders has also been aided by anti-government media outlets, such as Globo, which played a major role in supporting and promoting the 1964 coup that overturned the then left-wing government.

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Morales said UNASUR needs to take a stance on these events in Brazil, saying the right-wing opposition is trying to repeat history and regain power through coups.

“We will defend these democracies with peaceful and democratic revolutions,” said Morales.

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