Uruguay Opens History-Making Sustainable School

Source:  TeleSUR
17 March 2016

A city in southern Uruguay has opened Latin America’s first sustainable public school, using entirely recycled materials for its construction.

school from scrap in uruguay.jpg

A classroom in the sustainable school, made entirely of recycled materials. | Photo: EFE


Made entirely of recycled materials

Jaureguiberry, a city in southern Uruguay, made history yesterday by opening Latin America’s first sustainable public school, made entirely of recycled materials.

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Powered by solar panels and windmills

michael reynolds 2.jpgDesigned by U.S. architect Michael Reynolds, who has dedicated more than 45 years to the construction of sustainable homes, the green school took three and a half months to complete. Around 2,000 tires, 5,000 glass bottles, 8,000 square meters of cardboard, and 8,000 aluminum cans were used as construction materials. It is powered by solar panels and windmills.

“Uruguay Natural”

The primary school adheres to the “Uruguay Natural” initiative put forth by the Tourism Ministry, and its inauguration drew national officials, teachers, students and local residents.

The school will have 100 students, primarily from the rural areas, and classes begin March 28.

latam's first sustainableschool.jpgSolar panels power Latin America’s first sustainable school. | Photo: EFE

Antonio Carambula, the executive director of Uruguay’s Institute of Investment and Export promotion, told EFE that the “school promotes sustainable values, which are also found” in the “Uruguay Natural” program, which “endorses and recognizes the efforts realized by civil society in the province, the group that promoted the project, and the businesses and institutions that contributed.”

Built with the help of 30 volunteers

The school brought together more than 200 businesses and institutions, both governmental and civil, from Uruguay, and was built with the help of 30 volunteers who worked for seven weeks to complete the history-making school.

uruguay's students.jpgChildren who will attend the sustainable school. | Photo: EFE

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