Federation of Cuban Women-We offer Michelle our experience

Source: Cuban News Agency
15 March 2016

Statement by the Federation of Cuban Women on Obama’s Visit

Cuban Women's Federation logo.jpgThe Federation of Cuban Women has issued a Declaration on the welcome the Cuban people will give to the president of the United States, Barack Obama, and his wife Michelle, which was published on Tuesday by the Granma newspaper.
We will welcome U.S. President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle with the hospitality and dignity Cuban women are known for, as part of the Cuban people, points out the document.

An opportunity to show what we have achieved

We are aware that this visit is part of the complex process under way to achieve the normalization of relations between our two governments. It will be, therefore, an opportunity to show what we have achieved in terms of gender equality and the role women have in the political, economic, cultural and social life of our country, reads the text.

We earn equal wage for work of equal value

During their visit, they will be able to verify that we earn equal wage for work of equal value, that nine of the fifteen Cuban provinces are headed by women in their local governments, that the administration of justice is also mostly in female hands. In every place they tour they will be able to see the dedicated work of women of all generations, points out the document.

Grouped in the Federation of Cuban Women, a non-governmental organization of civil society with consultative status at the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) of the United Nations, and which over four million Cuban women are currently part of, about 90 percent of them over 14 years of age, we carry out specific programs to develop in our country full culture of equality and social inclusion, continues the statement.

We offer Michelle our humble experience

We know that Mrs. Michelle Obama is carrying out a major initiative called “Let Girls Learn” with the aim of providing access to education to 62 million girls around the world. We offer her our humble experience in this field, since 100 percent of our girls attend school regardless of where they live, the color of their skin, if they have a disability or are hospitalized.

Relys Leonela Diaz – Yes I CanLeonela Ines Relys

A Cuban woman, Relys Leonela Diaz, created the method “Yes I Can,” with which millions of people has learned how to read and write worldwide, reads the document.

Vilma Espin – Socialism means freedomvilma espin2

These days, the words of the eternal president of our Federation, Vilma Espin, are more valid that ever: “Socialism for Cuban women means freedom, independence, sovereignty, dignity, social justice, security for the education and development of their children, right to equality, to life, to decide their own destiny, to work for the future they have dreamed of and defend it with all their strength,” concludes the text.


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