CMPI: USA, S. Korea exercise – a danger to Peace and Stability

Caribbean Movement for Peace and Integration

Press Statement

world peace council 4.jpgThe Caribbean Movement for Peace Integration and the Barbados Committee for Solidarity and Friendship with Korean People stands in support with the World Peace Council in condemning the USA and South Korea with its heavy military exercises under the name “Key Resolve and Eagle 16”.  This military exercise can lead to a war in the Korean Peninsula and will escalate to the danger to Peace and Stability in the area.

We also call on CARICOM and the UN to condemn this f 16 fighter 2c.jpgMilitary exercise that have more than 300,000 troops from South Korea and 27,000 troops from the USA with an aircraft carrier and heavily armed warships, constitute one of the heaviest military exercise in the history of this region and are taking place the same time of the sanctions imposed by the UN security council (Resolution No 2270) against the DPR Korea.

David Denny
General Secretary

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