Cuban Organizations Condemn Murder of Honduran Indigenous Leader

Source: Prensa Latina
March 4 2016

Berta Caceres.jpgCuban social and grass-roots organizations strongly condemned today the murder of the leader of the Lenca indigenous community, Berta Caceres, coordinator of the Civic Council of Indigenous People Organizations of Honduras.

The human rights activist was murdered early on Thursday morning by several armed men inside her home in La Esperanza sector, Intibuca, in the country’s southwestern region.
“This atrocious event demonstrates once again that threats against social and environmental rights activists still remain in Honduras,” says the declaration signed by 15 Cuban organizations.

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global witness.jpgThe document stated that the politically motivated crime was an affront not only to Honduras, but also to the world, and highlights that according to a report on the Global Witness website, about 111 environmental activists have been murdered from 2002 to 2014 in Honduras.

More than 80 of these murders have occurred in the last three years in the Bajo Aguan region, where Caceres risked her life, the text adds.

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