Punish the Poor: Argentina to Raise Gas Prices up to 300%

Source: TeleSUR
22 February 2016

mauricio macri 4.jpgMauricio Macri’s neoliberal government continues its assault on working people, as labor unions and human rights group announce protests.

Argentines will see the price of gas spike by 40 to 300 percent in less than two months as the new conservative government unapologetically continues to push neoliberal policies.

The new rates will be in place March 1, but if the government can’t agree on the best strategy to do so before that date, it will take place a month later.

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The National Gas Regulatory Entity sent out letters to the main gas distributors in the country, ordering them to speed up the necessary processes to apply the new rates.

Car drivers will also pay at least 124 percent more to fill their gas tanks, with prices soaring from US$2 to US$4.70. The price could jump even higher depending on several other factors.

“I don’t think there will be another hike this year,” said Maurizio Bezze, CEO of energy distribution company Edesur. His remarks were made at the same time when the government had presented its plan to increase the prices before mid-year.

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Argentina has 1,300 differentiated rates for users across the country, which will be affected based on geographic conditions, and the amount of subsidies received. Furthermore, gas prices would need to adjust to transportation and distribution expenses.

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