Evo Morales: We will continue governing in the interest of the poor and marginalized

Source:  TeleSUR
24 February 2016

evo morales 20.jpgBolivian President Evo Morales | Photo: EFE

Bolivian President Evo Morales acknowledged the country’s national referendum results on Wednesday.

The Bolivian government promised its supporters Wednesday that it would continue to adopt progressive political policies, despite the outcome of the country’s national referendum.

We may have lost a battle, but not the war

“We may have lost a battle, but not the war,” said President Evo Morales, referring to the national referendum results on presidential term limits, which prevents the Bolivian leader from running for reelection in 2019.

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During a press conference Wednesday, President Morales acknowledged the referendum results but promised to continue governing in the “interests of the poor and marginalized.”

Right-wing opposition’s coordinated media campaign

In his speech, Morales accused right-wing opposition groups of launching a coordinated media campaign in efforts to undermine and discredit his administration.

“Some media outlets fulfilled the interests of political parties,” Morales stated.

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Moving forward, Morales announced that various high-ranking members from his administration will meet with leaders from Bolivian social movements in order to evaluate the political implications following the referendum outcome.

Official final results will not be announced until Thursday. However, with 99.5 percent of the votes counted, the “No” side holds a 3 percent lead over the “Yes” with 51.3 percent versus 48.7 percent.

2 thoughts on “Evo Morales: We will continue governing in the interest of the poor and marginalized

  1. Revolutions like the one unfolding in Bolivia and revolutionaries like the Bolivian President, Evo Morales are never deterred by setbacks like the narrow loss in the recently held referendum in the South American country.

    On the contrary, revolutions and revolutionaries take courage from their efforts to transform the material realities of poor and working peoples everywhere whether it’s Bolivia, Jamaica, the US or the Congo.

    Political set backs are inevitable in any war and sometimes these tactical setbacks may have and can have implications for strategic objectives.

    However, revolutions and revolutionaries must always have contingency plans to deal with tactical setbacks as do the oligarchy, the political right-wing and their imperialist masters in Bolivia and elsewhere in the region and the world.

    There is no doubt in my mind that the Bolivian revolution and its revolutionary government who were fully aware of the lies and intrigues of the right wing political parties, the oligarchy and the heavy funding of the US empire to defeat the referendum would have devised their contingency plans to ensure that as President Morales stated , that the government will “continue to serve the poor and the marginalized” in Bolivian society.

    The latter contingency is not only tactical but strategic to ensure that even long after President Morales is gone in 2020 the revolution will continue not only to win elections but more importantly to build the social, economic, political and cultural institutions to deepen and widen the ways in which the revolution delivers Justice to the Bolivian people particularly those who without the revolution would remain poor and dispossessed for eternity.

    As such, revolutionaries have no choice but to take the long view, i.e. we must think strategically about how to build, deepen and protect revolutions from the plots, lies and the intrigues of the political class enemies of revolutions whether it’s about a referendum in Bolivia or whether its about food shortage or crime in the case of Venezuela.

    The need to protect revolutions in Bolivia, Venezuela, Cuba, Ecuador, Nicaragua and elsewhere on the globe is therefore indispensable for the survival of working and poor peoples whose very being is under siege from the oligarchs and imperialism in these countries.

    If anyone doubts the critical importance of revolutions in Bolivia and the other countries in changing the balance of forces against the oligarchy and the empire and in creating the conditions to improve the lives of those who Franz Fanon called the “wretched of the earth”, he/she should perhaps ask the questions:

    (a)Why do the oligarchs and imperialists invest so much money and personnel to spread lies and rumors against President Evo Morales,President Maduro and the other leaders of revolutions in South and Central America?

    (b)Why are the superrich and the right-wing in Bolivia and the other South American countries with revolutions along with their American masters (who help them to fund their campaigns) of economic, social and political sabotage against these revolutions, the main ones celebrating the victory of the NO vote against the referendum in Bolivia, the food crisis they have created in Venezuela and other acts of destabilization in these revolutionary countries?

    (c)Why are the oligarchs, their political representatives and the representatives of the US empire so unhappy with the revolutions and their revolutionary leaders in Bolivia, Cuba, Ecuador, Venezuela and other countries in the region despite the fact that all these revolutions despite their setbacks have significantly reduced poverty, significantly improved the health and education, housing and other areas of their peoples’ lives?

    (c)Why aren’t the oligarchy and the empire celebrating the reduction of poverty, the political and economic stability, improved access to health care, nutrition, education and housing that the working and poor folks of these countries are receiving from their revolutions?

    (d)Do the right-wing politicians, the oligarchs they represent and the US empire that support them like to see people living in poverty, like hunger, like homelessness, unemployment and illiteracy?

    (e)Is this why they hate the revolutions in Bolivia, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Cuba and Ecuador?

    To be blunt about it, that is precisely why the right wing, the oligarchy and the US empire in collaboration with oppressors everywhere are doing everything in their power to destroy these revolutions in South and Central America.

    Yes, they hate the fact that these revolutions are sharing the economic pie more equitably so that those who historically got little or none of the pie, namely the workers and the poor, can be getting bigger bites in the form of more jobs, more land to farm, more hospitals, more schools, housing and other benefits that historically would have been tax resources that would have been used to make the oligarchs and their US masters richer and more powerful over their lives.

    So in closing, the fight to defend revolution and anti-imperialism are inseparably the same fight to defend ” the poor and the marginalized” as President Morales correctly said after his bid to run for president for a 4th term was defeated by the oligarchy and the US government in the referendum.

    So to abandon revolution despite tactical defeats is to abandon the workers, the poor and the marginalized who are created by the oligarchy, capitalists and imperialists. The struggle must go on without mercy against those who hate revolutions and progress for the ” least among us” in this region and on this planet..

    ” Those who have the privilege to know, have the duty to act” Albert Einstein

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