Mugabe: Africa wants two members on the UN Security Council

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The United Nations need to be reformed such that the African countries can be on equal footing with the countries on the Security Council.

The State of Palestine

“I take the floor after the representative of Palestine made a speech; wailing speech, crying speech.  A repeat of what happened before.  It happened last year; it happened the year before; it happened in 1963.  The voice of the Palestinians being expressed here, the cry of the Palestinians reaching our ears here.

“For how long are we going to listen to the leader of the PLO?  When shall we ever listen to the President of the state of Palestine (aaplause).  When shall that ever come Mr Ban Ki-Moon?

You are leaving us before the settlement of the people of Palestine; they are not settled yet.  They are in a State which belongs, I don’t know to whom; not free, some other people building homes in what is supposed to be their State.”

Almost ever day someone is killed, or disturbed or arrested … when shall this ever cease?

Obama – a voice made to speak their language

“There are blacks across the Atlantic … there are others who lie deep down in the sea … their skeletons have vanished … our forefathers were drawn across to a country where they laboured and toiled and died.

“There is Obama here today yes, … what is he?  A voice made to speak their language, to act their act and not our act but their act …  the blacks go to Harlem where they are in New York .. you shed tears today … there is no education for all, no healthcare for all … blacks in the streets … and nobody seems to talk about it … but instead they want to talk about us.

Regime change

“They are everywhere in Africa, if not physically but through NGOs (applause) through spies, through pretenders who come to us saying that they are here in Africa to assist us … (they are here) even in armed groups in some of our territories.

“What help is coming from them … regime change?  We are suppose to be free and independent.

The Security Council

“Mr. Ban Ki-Moon … we come to the UN every year … we pay lots of money to go there and in the General Assembly we make speeches then we go back home year in year out but the bosses in the Security Council say you shall never have the powers that we have as permanent members and we have asked and asked and asked  (applause) reform, reform the Security Council (applause)

“Mr. Ban Ki-Moon you are a good man but we can’t make you a fighter, that’s not what your mission was.  We will fight a fight for our own identity, fight for our own integrity … as Africans, we are Africans (applause).

We must be equal members of the UN

“If we decide, as we shall certainly do one of these days, that ‘down with the UN” we are not real members of it, we are artificial members of it; we can’t continue to be artificial members of it.

“How can only a handful of people -in fact, it is only the Americans and the Europeans; those who say they are white skinned … because they are white skinned anybody else who is not like us shall not have the power and strength and integrity that we have  … if the UN is to survive we must be equal members of it (applause);  members who can say when we go to the body, that we can now, speaking truly as members with a voice that is understood, respected and honoured.  But that’s not it.

Reform the UN 

“We met in Swaziland some years back to discuss the reform of the UN and especially the Security Council.  And we came up with a concensus; we have said that we want 2 permanent members with a veto if the veto is to continue although we don’t liek the principle of the veto.

“Two members … 54 (African) countries; here this is the body of respected people , the body of Africans … I wonder if you have told them that we also are humans (applause).  Tell them, tell them, that we are not ghosts, that we belong to the world; the part of the world called Africa and Africans will no longer tolerate a position of slavery – slavery by any other name; by denial  of rights, slavery by being treated in a manner we regard as not equal to the manner in which they treat themselves.

“You shall hear from us on this issue of reform of the United Nations … but you have doen a good job for us.  You have wept for us when disease have visited us , whether is was Ebola or some other.

“We thank you for that as a human being … so that distinguishes you from others … of course, you don’t come from those countries”

One thought on “Mugabe: Africa wants two members on the UN Security Council

  1. President Mugabe is right on the issue of the United Nations or UN. There is no question that the UN has been and is arguably one of the most undemocratic institutions on the planet.

    Further not only has it been a long standing undemocratic body in which the powerful countries like the US, Russia, China, Germany and and few more dominate the majority of other countries but perhaps more significantly it has opposed changes to its undemocratic structure.

    President Mugabe is not and the first head of state to have criticized the undemocratic structure of the UN. Former President Fidel Castro, the late and former President of Venezuela, several other African leaders and leaders of other developing countries have levied similar criticisms of the world body to no actual change in the way it functions to resolve world conflicts, wars and other global issues.

    So as President Mugabe correctly stated in his AU speech, if the UN is going to survive, the dignity of all its members must be respected and that necessarily means that there must be equality of power and voice in its functioning.

    The veto power of the members of the Security Council which is made up of the powerful countries like the US, China, Germany etc must come to and end or the membership of it must expand to include members from all other nations and regions of the world that make up the UN. Short of the latter change, it is hard to see how the UN will be able to adopt and approve resolutions not only to the satisfaction of the governments of the member countries but also of their populations that are not always on the same page on the global or regional issues so to speak. Clearly then, the voices and votes of developing countries must be not only heard but accounted for not only in the UN General Assembly but also in the exercise of veto power and votes to resolve and vote on a myriad of global issues whether its the Syrian conflict, nuclear disarmament, the war in Iraq, famine or any other global issue.The decisions to address these issues should never be left exclusively to the voting power of economically and politically powerful countries in the world.

    To perpetuate this undemocratic imbalance of power which has characterized the history of the UN is to perpetuate the same imbalance of power between imperialism and the developing countries in Africa, the Caribbean, Asia, Latin America and the Pacific Islands outside of the body.

    In closing, President Mugabe gets my vote on his stance about the democratization of the UN without a doubt though his record on democracy within Zimbabwe is less clear cut.


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