71st anniversary of Bob Marley’s birth

Source:  jamaicaobserver.com
January 14 2016

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Nyabinghi drumming

Plans were also rolled out for the official birthday celebrations. On February 6, Marley’s birthday, activities will commence at 6:30 am with Nyabinghi drumming, the release of doves, and sounding of the Abeng at the museum.

Kelissa, Iba Mahr and Jesse Royal

The celebrations continue throughout the day with the symposiums Rastafari Today, Sustainable Agro and Jamaica’s Reggae Music. This will give way to a live show featuring emerging acts, to be followed by performances from Kelissa, Iba Mahr and Jesse Royal — who have all been named ambassadors for the celebrations — and members of Marley: The Next Generation.

Sabina Park

Telecommunications company Digicel is also partnering with the Marley family to celebrate Marley’s birthday with a concert at Sabina Park in Kingston.

One Love Football Match

Other activities to mark the milestone include the two-day One Love Music Festival in Montego Bay on February 4-5, and the One Love Football Match, featuring masters and celebrities, at the Arnett Gardens Football Club on February 10.

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