Haitians Protest Arrival of ‘Interfering’ OAS

Source:  TeleSUR
January 31 2016

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Protesters march during a demonstration against the electoral process in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. | Photo: Reuters

Protesters argue that the interference of the OAS not only helps the president in his plans but they blame the organization for fomenting instability in Haiti.  Opposition presidential candidates say the visit will deepen the crisis instead of resolving it.

Thousands of protesters filled the streets of Haiti’s capital of Port-au-Prince once again Sunday against the arrival of the Organization of American States (OAS), which demonstrators say should not interfere with the country’s already contentious elections.

The term of President Michel Martelly ends Feb. 7, but after canceling elections last Sunday the Washington-based OAS have been called in to supervise the resolution of the political crisis.

The delegates are expected to discuss how to conduct the next round of elections which have been indefinitely postponed.

But opposition presidential candidates say the visit will deepen the crisis instead of resolving it.

According to the eight opposition presidential hopefuls, the OAS seek dialogue with those the organization considers to be the “principal social and political representatives” and not with the people in general, who demand electoral justice and a peaceful transition.

“Down with the OAS”

Furthermore, protesters argue that the interference of the OAS not only helps the president in his plans but they blame the organization for fomenting instability in Haiti.

A protester carrying a banner reading “Down with the OAS” told teleSUR. “Martelly had four years to do the elections, but he didn’t do them. He’s got the support of the international community, and he still didn’t do it. Now he has to call the OAS to bring a solution to the crisis. Us Haitians, we are going to find the solution.”

On Wednesday, OAS approved a resolution on sending a special mission to Haiti in order to moderate the ongoing conflict between the opposition and the government, one week before the president is due to leave office.

As the elections last Sunday were canceled at the last minute, current President Michel Martelly asked the Washington-based organization to send a mission in order to avoid a power vacuum and to “preserve democratic rule.”

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Martelly supported his request with the Inter American Democratic Charter, as article 17 states that when the “government of a member state considers that its democratic political institutional process or its legitimate exercise of power is at risk, it may request assistance from the Secretary General or the Permanent Council for the strengthening and preservation of its democratic system.”

Although the resolution was officially approved “by consensus” without a vote, during the four-hour debate Venezuela, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Brazil and Honduras opposed the idea that the OAS made a decision that day, as most Latin American leaders were attending the CELAC Summit in Quito, Ecuador.

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One thought on “Haitians Protest Arrival of ‘Interfering’ OAS

  1. The political developments in Haiti in recent weeks are very promising in the short term though they do not represent the solution of the neo-colony’s many medium and long term problems.

    The fraudulent elections that have plagued Haiti for decades with the full support of the American government and its local and decadent oligarchy came under the scrutiny of the Haitian people in October 2015. Since then, the ordinary working and poor people of Haiti along with some of its more privileged allies have taken to the streets to exercise their raw power of outrage and disgust to those who have arrogantly ruled Haiti for much too long. They have been unabashedly telling the imperialists and political elites in Washington DC, Paris, London, Port-Au Prince and elsewhere through their daily protests in their streets that their undemocratic and fraudulent selection of Haiti’s governments under the disguise of so-called elections would no longer be tolerated by them.

    The determination and persistence shown by Haiti’s people since the latest fraudulent attempt of the political elites in Washington DC and Port-Au-Prince driven by the US Ambassador, Peter Mulrean, in Port-Au-Prince to steal another election is a testimony to the power of the vigilance of Haiti’s masses.

    The people have been occupying the streets of Port-Au-Prince and other cities in Haiti denouncing and demanding that the hired hands of US monopoly capital in the electoral commission, the handpicked presidential candidates who conspired to give legitimacy to the fraudulent elections as well as Washington’s puppet-in-chief President Martelly vacate their respective positions.

    So far, the power of Haiti’s poor and working masses have forced the fraudulent presidential candidates from the elections, forced the ruling elites to abandon their fraudulent elections indefinitely and led to the recent resignations of the fraudulent president and another official of the electoral commission.

    So far so good, freedom loving people of Haiti! We are very proud of your struggles and victories against those crooks and sell- outs who have ruled your country for much too long. However, the next two short term political objectives in the struggles against the local and foreign crooks who have been ruling Haiti are: first to get Martelly to leave the presidency on February 7 despite his statement to the contrary and second to get the president of the Supreme Court to head an interim government to clear the way until truly free and fair elections are held that represent the political will of the Haitian people are held. In this regards, the Haitian masses should show Martelly and his masters in Washington DC who are the true masters in Haiti.

    Finally, the Haitian people who have forced so much concessions from their local oligarchy and their foreign bosses in such a short time should continue to mobilize in even larger numbers to ensure two other victories. First, to ensure that Martelly who was actually selected by Bill and Hillary Clinton leaves office at the end of his constitutional term next Sunday, February 7th 2016. Second, that their demand that the Supreme Court investigates the fraudulent elections in October and those who meddled with the will of the Haitian people.

    Likewise, the mobilized masses of Haitians who have won so many important victories from the ruling classes should also demand that La Va Las and other political parties freely participate in the new elections to be held after the interim government creates the environment for such an elections!

    However, the leadership of the mobilized masses in Haiti must realize that in order to solidify these victories and build on them, it is imperative that the masses be educated to recognize that they must be organized in mass groups to maintain the political momentum against their US neo-colonialists and the Haitian oligarchy who are the real culprits behind the failed fraudulent elections.

    These ordinary Haitians as well as the more progressive elements of the middle class, the small farmers, unemployed youths, intelligentsia and others are the real heroes who through their defiance and determination have stopped the fraudulent plans of US imperialism and the local oligarchy from stealing another election in Haiti.

    However, the Haitian people and all those who defend freedom in the region and the world must be in a state of heightened alert to ensure that the local and foreign crooks do not steal the next elections in Haiti whenever they are held. One thing is for sure the American government and its lackeys in Haiti are plotting at this very moment to steal the next elections and so those of us who defend freedom and fair play have no choice but to remain vigilant to ensure that the next elections reflect the political will of the Haitian people.

    There is a lot at stake for the vested economic interests of the US imperialists and the local oligarchy in Haiti. Both of them desire to maintain Haiti as a neo-colony and as such they desire to perpetuate Haiti’s dependence on the US for markets, finance and arms to defend the ‘haves’ against the masses of ‘have-nots.’ As such both groups of parasites, those from the US and the Haitian ones seek to continue exploiting Haiti’s mineral and human resources to enrich themselves at the expense of the laboring masses of Haiti.

    If by now, there is anyone who harbors any doubt as to why the US government and the Haitian oligarchy invest so much time, money to buy puppets and political consultants to trick people through lying propaganda, that is the reason ultimately to maintain Haiti as a source of wealth for them. That is precisely why they do not want bright, smart and committed anti-imperialist nationalists to be the president, senators, legislators and mayors in Haiti to uncompromisingly represent the vested interests of the poor and downtrodden masses. That is why they always want twits like Baby Doc, the disgusting and corrupt Generals like Henri and Martelly who are on their payroll or who are servants of their political class interests.
    Indeed, the battles regarding the call for the intervention of the OAS by Martelly and the oligarchy on the one hand and for the intervention of CELAC by the masses of the Haitian protesters on the other is testimony to two markedly different approaches to the political crisis in the Caribbean nation. These two distinct approaches also represent the the result of the rebellion of the Haitian people to the oligarchy and their US masters attempts to steal their elections in October 2015.

    These two approaches intended to contribute to the resolution of the political crisis that Haiti faces are premised on two sharply different class and political interests. One of these interests is the class interests of the local elites, the oligarchy and imperialism which seek to employ a historically loyal institution to their interests, namely, the OAS to resolve the crisis, they hope, in favor of their class interests. The other is the demand of the Haitian people to involve CELAC with the expressed goal to provide a more democratic resolution to the crisis that the servants of the oligarchy and the imperial empire have plunged the country in by trying to steal the elections in favor of their status quo last October.

    The passage of time and the organized and determined mobilization of tens or hundreds of thousands of Haitians armed with clear, conscious and realistic demands for democratic elections against the oligarchy, their US bosses and their political servants is a hopeful way to achieve the political will of the Haitian people in their elections as opposed to the will of their avowed enemies once again!!

    “Those who have the privilege to know, have the duty to act” Albert Einstein

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