Haiti Calls on CELAC to Oversee Presidential Runoff Election

Source:   TeleSUR
January 27 2016

Lener Renauld Haiti.pngHaiti Minister of Defense Lener Renauld has asked CELAC to send an electoral mission. | Photo: Twitter / El Telegrafo

Haiti has asked CELAC to help the country find a solution to its recent political crisis.

Haiti has called on the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States for help in ensuring its second round of presidential elections are free and transparent.

celac 4th summit logo.jpgSpeaking at the fourth summit of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States, or CELAC, Haiti representative Lener Renauld asked the regional body to send a delegation made up of four representatives from member countries to assist with the electoral process.

Massive accusations of electoral fraud

Haiti, one of the poorest countries in the world, is facing political unrest due to massive accusations of electoral fraud during the first-round elections in October. The Provisional Electoral Council of Haiti recently cancelled the second round of presidential elections scheduled for Jan. 26 indefinitely due to security concerns as demonstrators burnt cars, barricaded roads and hurled rocks in protest of the alleged fraud.

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Haiti also asked for some technical assistance from the Organization of American States, despite criticisms from leaders such as Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa that the organization works against Latin American integration.

However, the Venezuelan President Nicolas has extended support to Haiti, saying he hopes the Caribbean country can follow “ways of dialogue to resolve the huge conflict it has faced in recent days due to electoral disputes.”

Meanwhile, President Correa said he will send a mission that will collect as much information as they can in order to provide an objective position on the Caribbean nation’s conflict.

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