Oh Haiti! 

 Oh Haiti!

by Michael Heslop

toussaint y dessalines c

Oh Haiti, why do vampires want to kill your fighting spirit?

Do they want you to stop fighting for your land seized by savages?

Oh Haiti, why do they leave you so often in darkness?

Do they not want your children to see their crimes against you?

Oh Haiti, why do they leave your children, those born and those waiting to be born without light?

Tell me Haiti, why do they suffer you so much beautiful Haiti?

Tell me Haiti, when will you free your cherished dignity from the boots of those who stifle your dreams?

Can someone tell me why?

Why do the vampires punish Haiti for so long?

When will Haiti make revolution again to erase its pains and misery?

When will Haiti’s dreams to live like the mighty nation it is be realized again?

Freedom’s fighting for power without knowing the hour to end Haiti’s pain,

Tell me…..someone please tell me….when will the land of Dessalines be free from the vultures?

Those with the blood and spirits of Haiti’s heroes never cease to fight the vultures sometimes in blood stained streets and alleys, too often in elections with known results favoring the merchants who sell Haiti’s soul to the vultures and sometimes with sincere prayers to their Gods trying to win their freedoms from long years of sufferings and indignities imposed by vultures,


The blood of their martyrs continue to flow and the vultures are still flying high and their servants are still selling Haiti cheap amidst greater oppression and outrage in this valiant land,

When will the children of Dessalines and L’ouverture embrace revolution again to give honor to their ancestors who defeated the mighty armies of slavery and slave masters in 1804?

When will the freedom loving people of Haiti learn the lessons of their ancestors and end the slavery of the vultures and their creole servants in high places?

Tell me……someone please tell me…..when will the oceans of blood of Haiti’s warriors be dignified?

Those who fight for freedom in Haiti will hug on to revolution as their only salvation like their ancestors did, when and only when, they refuse to be ruled by vultures and when vultures are unable to rule them anymore,

Then and only then will every single drop of the rivers of blood of Haiti’s martyrs and every single humiliation of its people be avenged,

Then and only then will Haiti’s dignity be restored to light the darkness of the vultures and their creole merchants!




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