Intense Seismic Activity on the Planet

Source:  Prensa Latina
January 25 2016

From Alaska to Patagonia, the Iberian peninsula, Asia, anywhere on the planet, the earth is shaking these days and statistics are there to prove it.

It seems that the area of the Pacific Ring of Fire, considered the most seismically active area in the world, is not the most vulnerable.

Pacific ring of fireAccording to the digital site, in the last 24 hours have occurred in the globe more than 200 earthquakes, until the release of this report.

Most of the earthquakes took place in Morocco, where a string of earthquakes with magnitudes over three degrees on the Richter scale affects the town of Al Hoceima in this North African country since the early hours of Monday.

The strongest of all so far was a 6.1 degrees earthquake, according to the source.

In Spain, a 6.3 earthquake shook the southern European nation; so far no casualties were reported in cities like Melilla, Malaga and Granada.

Across the Atlantic took place other earthquakes in Alaska, North American continent, ranging from 3.5 to 4.3 degrees. Others with less intensity affected California.

Peru, El Salvador, Chile, Puerto Rico 

But in the rest of the American continent the situation is no different. Peru, El Salvador, Chile, Puerto Rico  also registered earthquakes of 4.7; 4.6; 4.4 and 3.1 degrees respectively.

A series of earthquakes also hit eastern Cuba, an anomalous activity according to the specialists. The latest took place on Sunday, with a magnitude of 3.7 degrees.

The planet is active, constantly evolving, said to Prensa Latina the president of the Cuban Geological Society, Manuel Iturralde, on the occasion of similar events which affected the region, especially the earthquakes that hit Haiti and Chile in 2010, which killed hundreds of people.

In fact, the digital site El Tiempo includes those earthquakes among the 10 most devastating earthquakes since the beginning of the century

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