CELAC’s Main Bodies

Source:  Granma
January 25 2016

CEALC Summits are authorized to define the organization’s political direction and establish guidelines, along with priorities and action plans to accomplish objectives

Authors: Iramsy Peraza Forte | informacion@granma.cuLinet Perera Negrin | linetp@granma.cu;   Iramsy Peraza Forte | internet@granma.cu

Photo: Granma

Summits of Heads of State and Government

CELAC 2 SUmmit.jpg

These gatherings constitute the highest level of the Community, and are authorized to designate the site of the next Summit, which is to be in the country serving as president pro tempore; define political directives and guidelines, along with the establishment of priorities and action plans to accomplish CELAC objectives; and adopt strategies for relations with third countries, and international, regional and sub-regional organizations and forums, among other responsibilities.

Meetings of Foreign Ministers

These occur twice a year and are devoted to adopting resolutions and making statements on issues of regional or international interest to member countries.

Pro Tempore Presidency

This responsibility is exercised by a member country for a period of one year, and involves preparing, convoking, and presiding the annual Summit, meetings of Foreign Ministers, and those of national coordinators, as well as meetings of regional and sub-regional mechanisms of integration.

Special Meetings

Addressed during these gatherings are topics of mutual interest, identified as priorities for the promotion of regional unity, integration and cooperation. Such meetings are called by the pro tempore president, in accordance with the organization’s two-year work plan.

Meetings of National Coordinators

Member states are linked to the presidency via national coordinators, who are responsible for coordination and follow-up on issues under discussion. On the national level, the coordinator takes charge of addressing the issues of regional unity, dialogue and concerted political action in the interest of advancing CELAC’s agenda.

CELAC Quartet

celac quartet granma.jpgPhoto: Granma

Also known as the expanded troika, this leadership body includes the member country serving as president pro tempore, in addition to the country which held this position the previous year, and that scheduled to do so next, plus a representative from the Caribbean Community (Caricom).

The incoming Quartet will be composed of the Dominican Republic, which will assume CELAC’s presidency pro tempore after the Quito Summit; Ecuador; Bolivia; and Belize, current Caricom president pro tempore.

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