Vietnam and Cuba Share Experiences in Cancer Treatment

Source:  Cuban News Agency
January 20 2016

cuba y vietnam.jpgVietnam and Cuba exchange experiences in the treatment of cancer, as part of the program carried out at Ho Chi Minh City by a delegation of Cuban specialists, Prensa Latina reported.

Headed by the deputy director of the Dr. Carlos J. Finlay Military Hospital, Eraida Hernandez, the visiting group organizes working meetings with colleagues of a similar institution.

Nuclear medicine

The Cuban experts will participate in research activities to know more about the examination and therapy service of the disease and about nuclear medicine, in a visit that will end on Friday.

They will also they attend sessions for exchanges on knowledge and diagnostics.
According to the sources, it is expected that, with the support of Cuban cooperation, the Vietnamese Center for Oncology and Nuclear Medicine of the 175 Military Hospital becomes one of the most advanced in the diagnosis and treatment of the disease in the south of that country.

Fidel in VietnamFidel in Vietnam

Source:  Vietnam and Cuba Share Experiences in Cancer Treatment

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