More than 200 Congolese medical students in Cuba

Source:  Cuban News Agency
January 8 2016

Nekoosa Jean Philippe Congo c.jpgNekoosa Jean-Philippe, Director of the Cabinet of the Minister of Health of the Republic of Congo, headed a delegation of Congolese, including the country’s ambassador to Cuba and other government officials in a visit to Havana’s University of Medical Sciences (UCMH).  Nekoosa stated that his country was interested in having a large number of high-quality physicians and, given Cuba’s internationally prestige in this area, he considers the Caribbean country an appropriate place to provide them with the required training.

Ngakoosa added that the 12 hospitals built in the Congo are now manned by Cuban voluntary workers. who are awaiting future Congolese physicians and specialists who, with the rigor, high standards and quality with which they’re trained in Cuba, will become the main providers of medical services in his homeland.

The Congolese diplomat has visited the country in the context of the strengthening the ties of cooperation between health authorities in both nations.  He will remain in Cuba until the 13th of the month and is scheduled to meet with Deputy Minister Marcia Cobas, and with executives of the Cuban Medical Services Company.

Raul y Denis Sassou Nguesso2

Photo:  Raul and the president of the Republic of Cong Denis Sassou Nguesso

Nekoosa’s delegation met on Tuesday with youngsters studying at the Victoria de Giron Faculty of Basic and Pre-Clinical Sciences and will visit the Preparatory Faculty of Cojimar and the Latin American Medical School, where he will also hold meetings with the more than 200 Congolese students there.

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