Fidel’s message to President Nicolás Maduro

Source:  Granma
December 11 2015

I share the unanimous opinion of those who have congratulated you for your brilliant, valiant speech on the night of December 6, as soon as the election’s outcome was announced.

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Dear Nicolás:

I share the unanimous opinion of those who have congratulated you for your brilliant, valiant speech on the night of December 6, as soon as the election’s outcome was announced.

In world history, the highest level of political glory which a revolutionary can reach, is that of the illustrious Venezuelan combatant, Liberator of America, Simón Bolívar, whose name now belongs not only to this sister country, but to all peoples of Latin America.

Another Venezuelan official of honorable legacy, Hugo Chávez, understood and admired him and struggled for his ideas until the last moment of his life. As a boy, attending elementary school in the country where the poor children of Bolívar were obliged to work to help support their families, he developed the spirit in which the Liberator of America was forged.

The millions of children and youth who today attend the largest and most modern system of public schools in the world are Venezuelan. More can be said about the country’s network of medical care centers and the attention paid to the health of its people, brave but poor as a result of centuries of plunder by Spanish colonialism, and later by huge transnationals, which for more than 100 years extracted from its entrails the best of the immense oil reserves nature bestowed on this country.

History also bears witness that workers exist, and make possible the enjoyment of nutritious food, medicine, education, security, housing and the world’s solidarity. You could ask the oligarchy, if you like: Do you know all of this?

Cuban revolutionaries – just a few miles from the United States, which always dreamed of taking possession of Cuba to make it a hybrid casino-brothel, as a way of life for the children of José Martí – will never renounce their full independence or respect for their dignity.

I am sure that human life on Earth can only be preserved with peace among all peoples of the Earth, and acknowledgement of the right to make the planet’s natural resources common property, as well as the sciences and technologies created by human beings to benefit all of its inhabitants. If humanity continues along the path of exploitation and the plunder of its resources by transnationals and imperialist banks, the representatives of states meeting in Paris, will draw the relevant conclusions.

Security does not exist today for anyone. There are nine states which possess nuclear weapons. One of them, the United States, dropped two bombs which killed hundreds of thousands of people in just three days, and caused physical and psychological harm to millions of defenseless people.

The People’s Republic of China and Russia know the world’s problems much better than the United States, because they were obliged to endure the terrible wars imposed on them by fascism’s blind egoism. I do not doubt that, given their historical traditions and their own revolutionary experience, they will make the greatest effort to avoid a war and contribute to the peaceful development of Venezuela, Latin America, Asia and Africa.


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Source:  Fidel’s message to Ptresident Nicolas Maduro

One thought on “Fidel’s message to President Nicolás Maduro

  1. My reading of Fidel Castro’s solidarity message to President Maduro of Venezuela and his people is essentially that the history of struggles of peoples around the world to defend their dignity, freedom and peace to survive and progress should be the guide to struggle.

    The latter is particularly important after the massive victory of the candidates of the oligarchy and imperialism who won at least so far 99 seats against the representatives of the Bolivarian revolution in the legislative elections that took place last Sunday, December 6th.

    I believe that Fidel used his solidarity message to fraternally remind the maximum leader of the Bolivarian revolution in both implicit and explicit ways that the history of struggles of Cuba, Russia, China and Venezuela itself under the leadership of Simon Bolivar against their local oligarchies and imperialism is the source of progress and victories.

    Likewise, it is clear to me that Fidel was also saying to President Maduro that Venezuela’s path forward after the electoral lashing by the oligarchy and imperialism last Sunday, that history teaches us that peace though inimical to imperialism and its war path is really the only path for growth and development of the Bolivarian revolution and its people.

    I believe that it is in this context in particular that Fidel is especially impressed with President Maduro’s dignity and courage in quickly accepting defeat at the polls by the political foes of the Bolivarian revolution. Indeed, if Maduro had even hesitated in conceding defeat, it is quite likely that the counterrevolution would have used his hesitation to have created serious socio-economic and socio-political instability and chaos.

    They would in all likelihood in collaboration with their foreign tutors also repeat their tired claims that the Maduro regime is a dictatorship that scorns elections, a BIG lie that is exposed by the government’s support of the elections and concession to their big loss.

    So Fidel’s solidarity message seems to be pleading for peace which becomes even more critical for the revolution to progress given the marked change in the political balance of forces after the victory of “the counterrevolution” in the legislative elections last Sunday. Likewise, Fidel probably had in mind the changed political balance in Argentina and therefore the region a few weeks before as another critical reason for a peaceful path to development in the land of Bolivar. More generally, Fidel’s message to Maduro seems also to push for Latin America as a zone of peace against the nuclear armed countries like the the US, the only one in the region.

    Importantly, Fidel also seems to remind President Maduro in his message that the victory of the Cuban people overt their oligarchy and imperialism is a lesson of unity which is not dissimilar to the lesson that must never be forgotten of the Bolivarian people against their oligarchy and imperialism. In this regard, Fidel seems to suggest that the victories of the Venezuelan people in education, health care, housing and others are the direct results of hard won battles against their oligarchy and imperialism. This lesson of the unity of the people in going forward after the electoral defeat should never be forgotten.

    Finally, Fidel also seems to suggest in his solidarity message to Maduro that Russia and China better understand the development challenges of Venezuela than the US and other Western countries because of their history and experiences with imperialism.

    The implication of the latter seems obvious namely that a country like Venezuela has more opportunities to receive more favorable aid from these countries than from imperialist countries like the US .

    Clearly, only the sovereign government of Venezuela as Fidel no doubt knows has the right to make the decision as to which government to establish commercial and economic relationships with or not to have such relationships with in this world. However, another implication of Fidel’s take on China and Russia is clearly that the Bolivarian revolution will never achieve the commercial-economic assistance it needs from the US and other Western imperialist countries given the history of imperialist exploitation of Venezuela’s oil reserves and people. Indeed, the ultimate objective of US and Western imperialist countries is along with their local oligarchy is to destroy the revolution.

    “When all else fails, the organized power of the people will win” Samori Marksman, the late and great program director of WBAI, in New York City

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