December 9 2015

by Michael Heslop

rising sun jan 27 15 - Copy.jpgThere is hope in the sun’s light


It ends darkness and and all that it represents,

Like the sunlight,

Hope resides in water,

For those who are thirsty and those who tend to the land,

Hope also lives in the quest for peace,

Peace saves lives and sustains hope,

Hope also resides in those who are hungry for Justice,

Since in the absence of Justice,

The light of the sun will fail to light the many ghettoes of darkness created by man,

Likewise in the absence of Justice,

The natural flow of water by itself will fail to quench the thirst of those who die from thirst and those too weak to get water,

Hope also resides in the kindness of earthly souls one to another,


The kindness of so many souls by itself fails to dispense Justice because kindness is like the clouds and

Justice is like the stars in the clouds for those who have never known it,

Hope in the end is meaningless without the light of Justice flowing like water to extend kindness to those who only know the unkindness of man!

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