A Tribute to Sheldon McDonald: A Fallen Soldier in the Battle for Justice

December 9 2015
by Michael Heslop

He fought for a more just Jamaica and Caribbean for the least among us

sheldon mcdonald 2Today, we respectfully and honorably say farewell to Sheldon McDonald, a comrade, a brother and a soldier who fought for a more just Jamaica and Caribbean for the least among us.

To truly remember and pay the tribute deserving of Sheldon, it is necessary to remember him as a political activist who opposed imperialism and all forms of injustices that it imposes on Jamaicans and peoples globally.

Indeed, as General Secretary of the PNPYO, Sheldon played an important role in the political organization, mobilization and education of the youths and Jamaicans more generally in our movement’s resistance against the political violence and economic sabotage unleashed by US imperialism against the government of PM Michael Manley in the 1970s.

In this regard, it is equally fitting to say that a lasting legacy of Sheldon McDonald is his undying contribution to Caribbean integration and particularly his critical role as a legal scholar in the formation of the Caribbean Court of Justice or CCJ.

Sheldon was also a warrior for peace who understood very well that peace was and is indispensable for human progress to flourish in all its forms in Jamaica, the Caribbean and the world.

Sheldon was also an unapologetic friend of the Cuban people and their revolution. As such, he was a tireless advocate for an end to the odious US blockade against Cuba.

So as we say farewell to our comrade and soldier for Justice , I believe that it is important that his legacy reveals his passion for Justice , his anti-imperialism and his embrace of peace for Jamaicans and all of humanity among his many other dimensions as a scholar, an activist and a pacifist.

Finally, this tribute would not be complete without my extension of sincerest condolences to Sheldon’s family particularly his two sons, his brothers especially¬†Norris McDonald whom I knew quite well, his nieces and nephews, his many friends and comrades, students and colleagues at the University of Guyana and all those whom he knew and whose lives he touched politically and otherwise.

Sheldon, we will miss your passion for Justice , your commitment for a Jamaica where the sufferers get a break and a Jamaica, a Caribbean and a world free of imperial rule where lasting peace reigns.

RIP Sheldon! Jah Guide my brother!

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