Evo Morales at COP21: Capitalism is the Biggest Climate Threat

Source:  TeleSUR
30 November 2015

evo morales at cop21.jpgBolivian President Evo Morales advocates for system change in order to effectively address climate change at the Paris Cop21 climate summit. | Photo: ‏@jmkarg

The Bolivian president brought with him to the Paris climate talks a plan written by social movements to save “Mother Earth.”

Bolivian President Evo Morales once again blamed capitalism for environmental destruction, during his speech during the opening plenary of the COP 21 Climate Change Conference in Paris, France.

Morales called capitalism “the formula that has destroyed our species” and delivered a manifesto to save Mother Earth and life.

“On behalf of the social movements, I came here to raise the proposals agreed to at the last Climate Summit II held in Cochabamba, Bolivia, last October.”

He added that “today we have a unique and historic responsibility with Mother Earth. Let us express our concern for the dramatic effects of climate change that threaten Pachamama.”

Source:  Evo Morales at COP21: Capitalism is the Biggest Climate Threat

2 thoughts on “Evo Morales at COP21: Capitalism is the Biggest Climate Threat

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  2. President Evo Morales is fundamentally correct to have singled out capitalism as “the biggest climate threat.” There are at least three critical reasons for his assertion.

    First, capitalism though about 400 plus years old as an economic system has existed long enough to have damaged and continue to damage the environment and the climate in ways that according to some less optimistic climate scientists may be irreparable.

    In this regard, capitalism over its life has burn and continues to burn excessively large quantities of fossil fuels to achieve its industrialization objectives and to rip from tens of thousands of forests and the bowels of the earth and oceans huge amounts of lumber, mineral and maritime resources to satisfy the insatiable consumption appetites of its consumers in the name of profits. The latter has been going on and is increasing getting worst for at least 400 years of capitalism on our planet!

    However, the consequences of the industrialization processes in capitalist and (frankly socialist societies) too have been disastrous for the climate and the environment as both systems albeit disproportionately more capitalism largely because of its rapacious and market driven desires for resources and its longer life has threatened and continues to threaten the climate and the environment. The result is that capitalist exploits have left thousands of forests barren, seas, rivers and oceans practically depleted of maritime lives and several mineral resources and rain forests almost depleted of minerals and their natural lives.

    Thus the result of centuries of capitalist industrialization is the impending climate catastrophe which is causing a fast warming climate and rising sea levels which threatens increasingly powerful floods, droughts and hurricanes for hundreds of millions of people.

    Secondly, the biggest industrial polluters namely, the US, China, India and others are capitalist countries which typically produce a large amount of the world’s GDP using dirty fossil fuel resources such as oil, gas and coal. The result is that these countries are emitting huge quantities of greenhouse gasses such as carbon dioxide and methane in the name of profits for their fossil fuel corporations which will always be the primary motive of capitalism and capitalists.

    Finally, President Morales is correct to say that capitalism is the ” biggest threat to the climate” for another critical reason. This reason is that it is the capitalist classes particularly those invested in the fossil fuel industries-coal, gas and oil that have always lobbied and continue to lobby their governments that are subservient to their corporate interests to ensure that their interests prevail over those of the people at all UN summits on the climate including the one unfolding now in Paris, France, the so called COP21.

    The fossil fuel industries are up in arms to protect their profits by any means which for them means first and foremost that the oil, coal and gas industries should have no regulation on their operations which would limit their pollution, their exploration, drilling, destruction of mountain tops to access coal, frackin, deep sea drilling and a range of other destructive practices to the climate and the environment so as to make multibillion profits at the expense of the climate, the environment and the rest of us.

    Hopefully, President Morales’ manifesto from the social movements which participated in the climate conference in Bolivia last October will get some traction for the future battles which are bound to come over the climate irrespective of the outcome at COP21.

    At least if Morales’ manifesto which is the result of activists among indigenous and other peoples already experiencing the negative consequences of centuries of capitalist industrialization and plunder of their resources represent a living and credible opportunity to save Pachamama or Mother Earth from the ongoing threat of capitalism.

    The fact is that the earth including its climate has to be saved from capitalism and for that to occur, there has to be system change as opposed to regime change which capitalists and imperialists prefer to talk about. Indeed, even when capitalists and imperialists effect regime change as in Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Chile and other nations, they always ensure that the regimes that they put in place are ardent servants of the interests of capitalism which is itself the very threat to the survival of humanity.

    In other words, President Morales is right to assert that the challenge of humanity is to change capitalism as a system as opposed to changing regimes if humanity is going to resolve the climate crisis once and for all. The problem off course is that such a prospect is a long term prospect though certainly not a short and medium term one to change capitalism as a system.

    As such, the challenge of social movements and climate activists is to continue to fight to to bring about a serious breakthrough on the evolving climate crisis that will make life on our planet more livable for all of humanity. If this is not achievable, we can say adios to what we have come to call civilization.

    “Peace if you are willing to fight for it” Fred Hampton

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