UN Expert Praises Cuba’s Achievements in AIDS Prevention

Source:  Cuban News Agency
13 November 2015

un expert praises cubaThe Executive Director of UNAIDS, Michel Sidibé, praised Cuba’s achievements in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of HIV/AIDS, and particularly for being the first country to eliminate mother-child transmission.

These comments were made on Thursday, November 12 in Havana by Sibidé, who is the head of a delegation on an official visit to the island.

Sibidé, who is also Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations, described the nation’s achievements as gigantic, the second of which was certified on June 30 by the Pan-American and World Health organizations (PAHO/WHO).

che on the value of human life

‘A human life is worth more than all the gold of the richest man on earth.’ Che Guevara’s comment explains the basis of Cuba’s socialist medical system.

He underlined that Cuba is an example to follow to achieve these goals, for its universal approach of health and for putting people at the center of attention.  After touring several health institutions in Havana and during a meeting with Roberto Morales, Minister of Public Health (MINSAP), Sidibé praised the implementation of community programs and the social justice of health for all.

At the MINSAP, the UNAIDS Executive Director said that his visits to health care centers and his conversations with directors provided verification of the Caribbean nation’s achievements and progress in healthcare and demonstrated the country’s efficient use of its resources.

I’m happy and proud of being in this country, which should be the first to eliminate and control AIDS by 2020, for its approach and control actions, he pointed out.

Source:  UN Expert Praises Cuba’s Achievements in AIDS Prevention Cuban News Agency

One thought on “UN Expert Praises Cuba’s Achievements in AIDS Prevention

  1. The Executive Director of UNAIDS is not only complementary and honest but he is also accurate to have praised Cuba’s achievements in fighting HIV/AIDS and more importantly in being the first country on the planet to achieve the prevention of the transmission of the disease from mother to child.

    However, as it typical and perhaps understandable of UN and other leaders of international institutions like the WHO and the World Bank, their honest praises of Cuba’s achievements whether in the realm of health care, education, scientific and technological research or sports to name a few are always expressed without the context of the Cuban revolution. In other words, their praises while welcomed and appreciated by revolutionaries and progressive people including off course the Cuban government typically have never praised these achievements as direct results of the revolution in Cuba.

    Clearly, a large part of those pronouncements by these international officials is what is called diplomacy which is simply an attempt to disguise any political allegiances. However, it also appears that another plausible reason for their ‘neutral’ or apparently ‘apolitical’ stance in not crediting the achievements they praise to the revolution is their fear that powerful donor governments like the US and Britain may withhold funding from the agencies they represent.

    Though the diplomacy and or “political neutrality”of these international officials in praising Cuba’s achievements is understandable those of us who are unapologetically friends of the Cuban people and their revolution have the responsibility to use these opportunities to explain to the world and anyone who will listen that the very basis for those feats in health, education or whatever other spheres is the anti-imperialist and socialist revolution.

    Consequently, the executive director of UNAIDS, Mr Michel Sidibe, by praising Cuba’s achievements specifically in its effective fight against HIV/AIDS and being the first country to have prevented the transmission of HIV/AIDS from mother to child is simultaneously praising the revolution and its anti-imperialist philosophy and actions which made the successes he praises possible.

    Perhaps to see more praiseworthy achievements in the Cuban health care sector, Mr. Sidibe’s UNAIDS should be guided by the last UN General Assembly vote of 191nations in favor of the removal of the US blockade and only 2 nations, namely, the US and Israel, ( the US’ military enforcer in the Middle East), voted against the removal of the blockade as his guide to push for the end of the blockade that has robbed an estimated $3 billion from the health care sector in 56 years of the life of the revolution.

    As the executive director of UNAIDS, it is plausible to assume that Mr. Sidibe does not like those losses in real resources to Cuba’s health sector as a direct result of the US blockade. He would know that those lost resources could have been used efficiently to fight HIV//AIDS and its transmission from mother to child. How much more progress could Cuba have made in health care, housing, education, manufacturing and other economic activities in the absence of the odious blockade? Perhaps the chief of the UNAIDS would have had even more praises for Cuba’s health system and the resulting health of its people in the absence of the blockade. Diplomacy too has its limits even for decent officials like Mr. Sidibe.

    Che’s words “A human life is worth more than all the gold of the richest man on earth” summarizes not only Cuba’s philosophy of the health of its people but more generally the philosophy of the revolution as a whole.

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