Angolan President Dos Santos thanks Cuba

Source:  Cuban News Agency
Luanda, November 14 2015

angolan president jose eduardo dos santos 2Angolan President José Eduardo dos Santos, on behalf of his government and people, thanked Cuba for its participation in the independence struggle and the subsequent reconstruction of his country.

PrintDiplomatic circles revealed that such gratitude was expressed on Thursday, in Luanda when Dos Santos received a Cuban delegation headed by Salvador Valdes Mesa, Vice President of the State Council, to attend the events commemorating the 40th anniversary of national independence.

In a fraternal and friendly atmosphere, the host leader praised the historic relations between the two countries since the Commander in Chief Fidel Castro and President Agostinho Neto decided to send Cuban troops to help the People’s Armed Forces for the Liberation of Angola.

cuban angolan soldiers angola warMeanwhile, Valdes Mesa conveyed the greetings of the leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, President Raul Castro, the Communist Party of Cuba, the Cuban people and Government to the Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA).

Raúl Díaz-Argüelles Garcia

Raúl Díaz-Argüelles Garcia

Before his departure , the Cuban leader paid tribute to the internationalist combatant from his country, Raul Diaz Arguelles, who fell at the Battle of Ebo on December 11, 1975, a month after Neto enacted emancipation.

After laying a wreath at Luanda’s Alto Las Cruces cemetery, where the remains of commander Arguelles rest; Valdes Mesa said: “We also dedicate this simple tribute to all Cuban internationalist combatants who, together with Angolans, fought to defend the sovereignty of Neto´s homeland”.

As part of the agenda, the Cuban vice president also met with a group of collaborators of the island, representing more than four thousand Cubans contributing to the development of this African nation.

Valdes Mesa, who arrived in Luanda on November 10th, spoke on that date with the president of the National Assembly of Angola, Fernando da Piedade Dias dos Santos.

Source:  Angolan President Dos Santos thanks Cuba  Cuban NewsAgency

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