Update: Caribbean Statement Of Solidarity With Venezuela


WE, the undersigned citizens and leaders of civil society organizations of the Caribbean CALL upon our Governments and their multi-lateral organization– the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) — to take urgent steps to make it absolutely clear to the Government of the United States of America (USA) that the nations and people of the Caribbean consider Venezuela to be an integral sister nation of our Caribbean Civilization, and that we denounce and repudiate all attempts at illegal neo-imperialist interference in the internal affairs of Venezuela, including attempts to unlawfully attack, subvert and remove the democratically elected Government of President Nicolas Maduro and his United Socialist Party.

We make this CALL against the background of the impending 6th  of December 2015 Parliamentary Elections of Venezuela and the clear evidence that has emerged of a permanent illicit conspiracy between the political establishment of the USA, elements of the traditional wealthy elite sector of Venezuelan society, and the right-wing political Opposition forces of Venezuela.

This CALL is also based on our understanding that the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela has emerged as an outstanding symbol of hope — perhaps the pre-eminent symbol of hope — for masses of people all over the world who suffer the exploitation, poverty, insecurity and indignity that is caused by national and international elites appropriating the resources and wealth that rightfully belong to the people, and who yearn for an alternative existence characterized by peace, humanity, freedom, national sovereignty, dignity, solidarity, brotherhood and human well-being.

We are aware that Venezuela’s still unfolding Bolivarian Revolution has demonstrated to the world that it is possible for a determined people blessed with committed and patriotic leaders to rise up and assert themselves; to take control of their national resources; to use the nation’s resources for the development of the people of the nation; and to extend their arms in a spirit of brotherhood and sharing to other nations and peoples.

nicolas maduro hugo chavez simon bolivarThe Bolivarian Revolution — under the leadership of the late Hugo Chavez and current President Nicolas Maduro — for the first time in Venezuela’s history EFFECTIVELY  nationalized the Petroleum industry and directed the bulk of the country’s enormous natural resources to developing programmes in public health, education, housing and food security, thereby radically lowering the poverty rate, eradicating illiteracy, and elevating virtually all human development indicators in Venezuela.

Furthermore, the Bolivarian Government of Venezuela led the campaign to defeat the USA’s neo-imperialist “Free Trade Area Of The Americas” and to establish in its stead the “prosper-thy-neighbor” Bolivarian Alliance For Latin America and the Caribbean (ALBA), the Petro Caribe Energy Cooperation Agreement, the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC), the Africa-South America Summit, the International Bank of the South (Banco del Sur), and the Television Network of the South (Telesur), among many other initiatives.

These and other similar initiatives have — among other things — strengthened the spirit of cooperation between Venezuela and the rest of the Caribbean, thereby creating an environment which has equipped our Caribbean region to be able to resolve tensions which occasionally arise as a result of historically contested issues such as the border issue between Venezuela and Guyana, and to strive towards the fostering of a Caribbean zone of peace.

But we are only too aware that none of these historic achievements have gone uncontested by those forces that wish a return to the bad old days of US multi-nationals and a wealthy Venezuelan elite controlling and gorging themselves on the country’s precious petroleum resources!!!

The Bolivarian Government and people of Venezuela have had to contend with a broad and open conspiracy involving the State Department of the US Government, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), USAID, the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), the Inter-American Press Association (IAPA) and its powerful Latin American right-wing media conglomerates, and the Venezuelan elite and their “Opposition” political forces led by the likes of Leopoldo Lopez, Corina Machado and Antonio Ledezma.

This ongoing and implacable conspiracy against the Bolivarian Revolution has been manifested in such abominable acts as the 2001 sabotage of the petroleum industry of Venezuela; the 2002 unsuccessful coup against then President Hugo Chavez; a 15 year campaign to engineer commodity shortages in Venezuela; the permanent propaganda war waged by the right-wing media; the 2014 La Salida (The Exit) campaign of orchestrated violent street protests; President Obama officially declaring Venezuela to be a threat to the national security of the USA; the 2015 Operation Jericho attempt at a violent military coup against President Maduro; and the list goes on and on.

It is against this background that WE — citizens and leaders of civil society organizations of the Caribbean — are saying that enough is enough! This criminal imperialist subversion of our sister Caribbean nation of Venezuela must come to an end now!


  1. David Comissiong: Clement Payne Movement, Barbados
  2. Don Rojas: Black World 21st Century, US
  3. David Denny: Friends of Venezuela Solidarity Committee, Barbados
  4. Lalu Hanuman: Network in Defense of Humanity (Car. Chapter), Barbados
  5. Keith Ellis: Jose Marti Cultural Alliance, Canada
  6. Felipe Noguera: Car. Pan-African Network, Trinidad
  7. P. D. Memelik: World Africa Diaspora Union, US
  8. Khafra Kambon: Car. Pan-African Network, Trinidad
  9. Keith Layne: Car Movement for Peace and Integration, Barbados
  10. Cheryl Hunte: Israel Lovell Foundation, Barbados
  11. Onkpha Wells: Pan African Coalition of Organizations, Barbados
  12. John Howell: Pan African Coalition of Organizations, Barbados
  13. Trevor Prescod MP: Israel Lovell Foundation, Barbados
  14. Benedict Wachira: Kenya/Venezuela Solidarity Association, Kenya
  15. Gerald Perreira: Organization for the Victory of the People, Guyana
  16. Russel Bell: Network in Defense of Humanity (Car. Chapter), Jamaica
  17. Bobby Clarke: Peoples Empowerment Party, Barbados
  18. Alicia Jrapko: International Committee for Peace, Justice & Dignity, US
  19. Terence Marryshow: Network in Defense of Humanity, Grenada
  20. Line Hilgros: Sixieme Region de l’UnionAfricaine Zone Caraibe Francophone, Guadeloupe
  21. Colin “Jah Bone” Cumberbatch: Antigua & Barbuda Reparations Support Commission, Antigua
  22. Cikiah Thomas: Global Afrikan Congress, Canada
  23. Esther Stanford-Xosei: Pan- Afrikan Reparations Coalition in Europe, UK
  24. Kofi Mawuli Klu: Pan- Afrikan Reparations Coalition in Europe, UK
  25. Garcin Malsa: Mouvement International Martinique pour les Reparations, Martinique
  26. Sidney Francis: ADEPHCA, Nicaragua
  27. Muhammad Nassar: Barbados/Venezuela Ass. of Business & Commerce, Barbados
  28. Anne Brathwaite: Justice for Walter Rodney Campaign, UK
  29. Isis Amlak: Global Afrikan Congress, UK
  30. Marta Johnson: Afro Costa Rican Research Centre, Costa Rica
  31. Gerrit Antrobus: Network in Defense of Humanity (Car. Chapter), Barbados
  32. Iraklis Tsavdaridis: General Secretary of the World Peace Council, Greece
  33. Ras Miguel Lorne: General Secretary of the Marcus Garvey Peoples Political Party, Jamaica
  34. Ezemoo Yahya: African Revolutionary Movement, Nigeria
  35. Fuad Abu Bakr: New National Vision, Trinidad
  36. Mario Molina: Org. of Solidarity of the Peoples of Africa, Asia and Latin America, Cuba
  37. Robert Sae: Conseil National des Comites Populaires de Martinique, Martinique
  38. Kay Grazette: Pan-African Coalition Of Organizations, Barbados
  39. Aisha Comissiong: Clement Payne Movement, Barbados
  40. Zakiya Uzoma-Wadada: Caribbean Pan-African Nerwork, Trinidad & Tobago
  41. Rawle Harvey: Humanistic Solidarity, St. Lucia Association (St. Lucia/ Cuba)
  42. Donna Mc Farlane: National Commission On Reparations, Jamaica
  43. Harold Drayton: Justice for Walter Rodney Campaign, US
  44. Adiel Batson: National Council for the U N Decade for People of African Descent, Barbados
  45. James Early: Institute for Policy Studies, US
  46. Camille Chalmers: Executive Director of Plate-forme haitienne de Plaidoyer pour un Developpement Alternatif (PAPDA), Haiti
  47. Angella “Ideisha” Jackson: Director of the Lazaras Foundation, St Vincent & the Grenadines
  48. Cheryl Moore: Network in Defense of Humanity (Car. Chapter), Barbados
  49. Yamil Eduardo Martinez Marrero: Cuban Institute for Friendship with the Peoples, Cuba
  50. Sandrine Haguy: Culture Caribbean, France
  51. Ras Yacob Laurent: Vice-President of Inivershall Rastafari Movement Inc., St. Vincent & the Grenadines
  52. Empress Modupe Olufunmi-Jacobs Jacobs: Education Officer of Inivershall Rastafari Grenadines Movement Inc., St. Vincent & the Grenadines
  53. Nadia Raveles: Foundation Koni-Ku-Libi, Suriname
  54. Michael Jones: International Sagacious Community of Positive Endeavours, Barbados
  55. Suzanne Laurent: Martinique National Reparations Commission, Martinique
  56. NswtMwt Chenzira Davis Kahina: Caribbean Pan-African Network, US Virgin Islands
  57. NswNeb KaRa HerishetaPaHeru: Per Ankh M Smai Tawi, US Virgin Islands
  58. Sadia Acosta Brooks, Network in Defense of Humanity, Cuba
  59. NeswNeb Asarkasaamsu Herishetapaheru, Per Ankh M Smai Tawi, US Virgin Islands
  60. Theresa Reece, Clement Payne Movement, Barbados
  61. Femi Cheeseman, Clement Payne Movement, Barbados
  62. Jamila Reece, Clement Payne Movement, Barbados
  63. Akins Vidale, Network In Defense of Humanity – Caribbean Chapter, Trinidad and Tobago

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1 thought on “Update: Caribbean Statement Of Solidarity With Venezuela

  1. I am in complete solidarity with the Venezuelan people. I disagree with the efforts of the National Endowment For Democracy to undermine Venezuelan leadership that is concerned with strengthening its public sector. I also think the Venezuelan government should make a stronger effort to be completely independent on the technology that the oil companies introduced to the country. Of course they are using their technology as leverage to undermine Maduro. Therefore it is up to Maduro and his administration to develop more technology that does not depend on petroleum but on corn ethanol as some parts of Costa Rica and Brazil has already done. -RF.

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