Sanders Tells Big Pharma Mogul Shkreli: ‘We Don’t Want Your Stinking Money’

Source:  TeleSUR
October 16 2015

The left-leaning U.S. presidential candidate turned down money from the man who raised the price of HIV drugs by almost 5,000 percent.

U.S. Senator Sanders holds news conference after announcing his candidacy for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination, on Capitol Hill in WashingtonThe left-leaning U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders rejected a campaign donation from the head of Turing Pharmaceuticals firm, because he increased the price of a drug for HIV and cancer patients by almost 5,000 percent, according to a Thursday report by RT.

Sanders has repeatedly slammed the medications industry for being too greedy.

The donation came to Sanders’ campaign in form of an individual contribution from Martin Shkreli, head of Turing, who had repeatedly announced on social media his plans to grant the socialist presidential hopeful.

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​”He is the poster boy for pharmaceutical company greed,” Sanders spokesperson Michael Briggs told Mashable. “We don’t want his stinking money.”

The pharmaceutical executive said he would donate the maximum individual contribution of US$2,700.

On Thursday, Shkreli told State News that he had made the donation, but Sanders has repeatedly declared he doesn’t accept contributions of that nature.

Corrupt political system

“Our political system is corrupt. Big Money controls much of what happens,” said Sanders, according to State News.

Sanders’ campaign spokesperson, Michael Briggs, announced the senator would reject the donation and instead send the contribution to the Whitman-Walker health clinic in Washington, D.C.

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RT reported that Shkreli became “evidently angry” after being informed that Sanders had rejected his donation.

“I think it’s cheap to use one person’s action as a platform without kind of talking to that person …He’ll take my money, but he won’t engage with me for five minutes to understand this issue better,” he said, while explaining, “Right now the rule of law in the United States is that drug companies can price their products wherever they see fit, not wherever he sees fit.”

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Sanders has repeatedly harshly criticized “the greed” of the pharmaceutical industry and called it a “public health hazard” for the U.S.

The presidential candidate proposed importing cheaper prescription drugs from Canada. He also called upon Medicare, the U.S. national social insurance program, to introduce lower drug prices.

Hillary Clinton’s main rival has also slammed the government for issues such as income inequality, poor healthcare, climate change and mass surveillance.

Source:  Sanders Tells Big Pharma Mogul Shkreli: ‘We Don’t Want Your Stinking Money’  TeleSUR

2 thoughts on “Sanders Tells Big Pharma Mogul Shkreli: ‘We Don’t Want Your Stinking Money’

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  2. The US political system needs more political candidates like Senator Bernie Sanders who refuse to take donations from the corporations. Such actions by the likes of Bernie Sanders help to shine the light on the depth of how money has corrupted and continues to corrupt all levels of US political system; federal, state and local.

    The corrupting role of money in the US is led and encouraged by the superrich and big business. The latter is called “buying influence” by pundits and commentators in the US though in developing countries the same role of money is called corruption by the same pundits and commentators.

    It is so refreshing to know that a US senator rejects monetary donations from big pharma and has to courage to tell the chief of a big pharma company that ” We don’t want your stinking money.” Clearly, while Senator Sanders’ stance as a presidential candidate will not end the corrupting role of money in US politics it is a start albeit a small and so far courageous stance since his stance will not deter Hillary Clinton and the other democratic candidates from taking donations from those who Sanders call the ” billionaire class.” For sure, Sanders’ stance will have at least for now no deterrence on the reactionary republican candidates. However, we must still applaud Sanders for his stance. As the Chinese say, ” The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.” The senator from Vermont and declared Presidential Candidate has taken a first step and we support him and hope that this virus to kill the bug of corruption in the US political system will spread and will by implication reduce the power of big money which stands in the way of the political system adopting policies to improve the lives of ordinary Americans in all spheres over time.

    Peace and love!

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