Cuba-Dominica: An embrace of solidarity

Source:  Granma
October 15, 2015

cuba dominica flags 2Cuban professionals providing support in Dominica since Tropical Storm Erika hit the Caribbean island country, returned home October 13. The contingent included 16 healthcare workers and five specialists from the ministries of Construction and Energy, who completed a mission described as short but valuable

by Karina Marrón González |

an embrace of solidarityPhoto: Jose M. Correa

Sixteen healthcare professionals, members of the Henry Reeve contingent, and five specialists from the ministries of Construction and Energy, who responded to a call for aid from the Commonwealth of Dominica following Tropical Storm Erika, returned to Cuba, October 13.

In what they described as a short but valuable mission, the Cuban collaborators offered medical assistance in six regions of the country, those most affected by the heavy rainfall.

Returning as a family

Dr. Norberto Ramos, who led the group, commented that they had left as a brigade, but were returning as a family. He emphasized the support they had received from Cuba’s diplomatic staff in Dominica and the excellent relations established with doctors and paramedics in the country, many of whom had graduated from the Latin American School of Medicine in Havana.

Ramos reported that the principal health problems they addressed were related to high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus and accidents caused by the storm, which damaged roads and destroyed bridges.

Civil engineers Juan Antonio León and Pedro González took on the task of evaluating the damage to infrastructure in the mountainous country and coming up with technical solutions, working in conjunction with the Ministry of Public Works.

Remaining in Dominica are 25 Cuban health care professionals offering their services as part of an agreement between the country’s government and Cuba’s.

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Source:  An Embrace of Solidarity Granma

One thought on “Cuba-Dominica: An embrace of solidarity

  1. The solidarity that Cuba extends to Dominica after the horrors of Hurricane Erika is one of the critical reasons which explains why US imperialism will never be able to isolate Cuba’s socialist revolution from the peoples of the Caribbean and Latin America.

    The reason that explains US imperialism inability to isolate Cuba despite its best efforts and even despite having its first black president is that Cuba is always ready and available to lend assistance to its fellow brothers and sisters in distress whether its a hurricane as in the case of Dominica or an earthquake as in the case of Haiti in 2011.

    Further Cuba extends its technical, medical and other types of assistance to countries in the region without any financial, military or diplomatic strings attached. The latter is in plain contrast to the “assistance” extended by the US and other imperialist governments like Britain and France which even use disasters like the hurricane in Dominica to coerce regional governments to sign contracts with their corporations to provide further ” developmental assistance” to countries in dire need.

    Finally, Cuba extends similar genuine developmental assistance to developing nations globally whether it is to repel a crippling disease like Ebola in West Africa earlier this year, or the earthquake in Nepal or the training of doctors, engineers, dentists, economists or agronomists or educational specialists in Guinea or Ethiopia or Jamaica or Venezuela or Nicaragua. Cuba also builds schools, roads, hospitals, houses and bridges in these developing nations not only when they are destroyed by natural disasters like hurricane Erika in Dominica but whenever they are requested by governments in developing nations . The latter is also a significant contrast between the ” development assistance” of socialist Cuba and that of US imperialism. Cuba puts in place structures that actually foster development and uproot underdevelopment whereas imperialism imposes structures like aid packages for schools and roads that indebt these nations for perpetuity robbing them of enormous financial and human resources. The latter structures of imperialism in these developing nations create underdevelopment which one George Beckford, a famous Caribbean economist, termed “persistent poverty.

    Thus, Cuba is embraced not only in our region but globally because of its principled assistance to suffering peoples anywhere irrespective of culture, religion, level of development or race. The latter is also the reason why US imperialism and its allies have failed for decades to isolate Cuba not only in the region but also globally.

    Can anyone imagine Dominica’s or Haiti’s situation after their respective disasters without Cuba’s assistance?

    Eternal Glory and thanks to the Cuban people and their revolution!

    It is fitting to close this piece with a quotation from the King of Reggae music, Bob Marley who says, ” Some people are so poor that all they have is money.” It is advisinle that the imperialists of the world think about these words of wisdom from the King of Reggae perhaps they will understand why despite their efforts to isolate and destroy Cuba’s revolution, Cuba keeps rising and the poor around the globe keep on fighting for their freedoms and rights from imperialist domination.

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