Evo Morales Closes Climate Change Summit in Bolivia 

Source:  TeleSUR
October 12 2015

Bolivian President Evo Morales (C) gestures with the presidents of Ecuador and Venezuela during a closing ceremony of the climate change conference in Bolivia, Oct. 12, 2015. | Photo: Reuters/David Mercado

Bolivian President Evo Morales (C) gestures with the presidents of Ecuador and Venezuela during a closing ceremony of the climate change conference in Bolivia, Oct. 12, 2015. | Photo: Reuters/David Mercado

The Bolivian president reminded Latin Americans that they have a responsibility to continue to fight against imperialism, colonialism and capitalism.

In his closing remarks of a three-day climate change summit near Cochabamba, Bolivian President Evo Morales said that capitalism is to blame for climate change, and that the conclusions made at the summit will be directly taken to the Paris climate change conference later this year.

“For now, we are discussing a problem left to us by capitalism: climate change,” said Morales.

The country’s first Indigenous leader took advantage of the occasion of the Day of Indigenous Resistance to declare that more than 500 years after the Spanish colonial conquest, Bolivia was free from imperialism.

“We have liberated ourselves from imperial domination and neoliberal politics,” he said.

A responsibility

He reminded Latin Americans that they have a responsibility to carry on the struggle left by their ancestors against imperialism, colonialism and capitalism.

He said that since Bolivia has recovered control over its resources thanks to the power of social movements, the United States is already planning to invade other countries to “rob their economy” and “loot their natural resources.”

Morales reiterated that “new generations, out of principle for life and humanity, have to be anti-imperialist.”​

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Social movements and representatives from more than 40 countries – as well as U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, and the presidents of Ecuador and Venezuela – attended the conference in Bolivia.

Activists and participants met wherever they could to come up with practical solutions and real plans to address the climate “crisis.”

“Droughts. Fires. Floods. Landslides. Glaciers melting. Oceans turning to acid. Mother Earth is giving us a warning,” U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon told the conference on Saturday. “We must listen. And we must act.”

The focus is slowly turning to the next big U.N. climate change conference in Paris, which begins late November.

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The personal stories, proposals and practical solutions that emerge from Cochabamba will be submitted for consideration at the event in Paris.

Noting that “a transformative deal in Paris” was in sight, the U.N. leader concluded by saying that developed countries must meet their pledge of US$100 billion a year to fight climate change by 2020.

Before Ban left, President Morales presented the secretary-general with a 10-point plan to defend Mother Earth to be discussed at the U.N. Paris summit.

One of the Bolivian proposals is to create an Environmental International Court of Justice “to make it easier for countries to fulfill their international commitments to climate change.”

Source:  Evo Morales Closes Climate Change Summit in Bolivia  TeleSUR

One thought on “Evo Morales Closes Climate Change Summit in Bolivia 

  1. The thesis of President Morales that capitalism and imperialism are the main culprits that are responsible for the climate crisis on earth is beyond dispute because it is true.

    The fact is that capitalism and imperialism are exploitative systems that are driven by profits for the classes that rule these systems . As such capitalists and imperialists seek to achieve in crazy ways, driven exclusively by their self-interests to maximize production of anything that sells for a profit whether it is coffee beans, cars, I -pads or coal.

    The capitalists and imperialists are less concerned about the environmental consequences of their actions and the plight of these consequences on those they have made into what Frantz Fanon called the “Wretched of the Earth.”

    However to produce any of these commodities and a million more capitalists and imperialists power their production processes with very dirty sources of energy such as fossil fuels, coal, natural gas and others which rapidly increase the emission of green house gases such as carbon dioxide, methane and nitrogen that contribute to the warming of the climate.

    So without a doubt, President Morales of Bolivia is correct, every living human being of all political persuasions; those on the left and the right, rich and poor, young and old, Christians, atheists, Muslims, gays and straights have a responsibility to fight against climate change. The latter inevitably mean fighting for the survival of humanity which is threatened by capitalism and imperialism which are driving the climate crisis due to their mad rush for profits at the expense of humanity.

    Indeed any thinking human being who doubts the premise of the Bolivian President’s thesis has only to reflect on the recently disclosed news that Exxon Mobil’s own scientists knew that the combustion of fossil fuels decidedly contribute to climate change. They knew this fact for over 30 years though Exxon’s executives shut down for all these years the findings of their own scientists for all these years because they choose hundreds of billions of dollars in profits over these years instead of a healthier environment to sustain healthier lives.

    Instead of finding cleaner alternatives to fossil fuels that would have saved lives like those lost in Pakistan and India and elsewhere from excessive heat strokes last year,, those who perished from the massive floods, droughts and the ferocious hurricanes over these 30 years, Exxon Mobil launched a massive campaign to deny the link between climate change and the burning of fossil fuels that their own scientists had established 30 years ago. Exxon had one clear objective and that was and is to confuse the public globally. by creating doubts and uncertainties about the real cause of climate change.

    To achieve its goals Exxon employed a slew of greedy scientists who lied and misrepresented the facts about climate change to confuse the public by frequently denying the existence of climate change, a process their own scientists have long before established.

    In closing it seems reasonable to ask which other oil corporation knew that their very economic activity was contributing to the unfolding climate crisis across and how long did they know it? Is it BP? Is it Chevron? Or Is it Texaco? However, more importantly it seems to me that what Exxon Mobil did is in fact a crime against humanity. In the light of my conclusion I am wondering out loud whether given the economic and environmental disasters that have no doubt worsened and the many lives lost to floods, hurricanes and hear strokes as a result of EXXON’s malicious actions ,what legal actions are the US and other governments even contemplating against Exxon Mobil for lying, manipulating and even denying the empirical evidence against climate change.

    Time and the organized mass movement of hundreds of millions of people will and can eventually make what seems impossible, possible. Indeed, Nelson Mandela tells is quite clearly that “It’s impossible until it’s done”

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