Reggae Message: Here comes the con man . . . Bob Marley

cameron's insult to jamaicaThem crazy, them crazy –

We gonna chase those crazy baldheads out of town;

Chase those crazy baldheads out of town.

Ah I’n’I build the cabin;

Ah I’n’I plant the corn;

Didn’t my people before me, slave for this country?

Now you look me with a scorn,

Then you eat up all my corn.

We gonna chase those crazy

Chase them crazy

Chase those crazy baldheads out of town

Built your penitentiary, we built your schools,

Brainwash education to make us the fools.

Hatred your reward for our love,

Telling us of your God above.

We gonna chase those crazy

Chase those crazy bumpheads

Chase those crazy baldheads out of the yown

We gonna chase those crazy

Chase those crazy bumpheads

Chase those crazy baldheads out of the yown

Here comes the conman

Coming with his con plan.

We won’t take no bribe;

We’ve got to stay alive.

We gonna chase those crazy

Chase those crazy baldheads

Chase those crazy baldheads outa da yown

2 thoughts on “Reggae Message: Here comes the con man . . . Bob Marley

  1. This is indeed a very apt song from King Bob to describe the political scum bags and traitors all across the world who whether through elections or coups have taken political power to rule against the class interests of working peoples and in the class interests of the capitalists and wealthy classes.

    Those ” con men and women” in power in parts of Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America and the Caribbean who are complicit with the capitalist classes, the local oligarchies and the imperialists in helping these classes to ” eat up all the corn” i.e to steal the wealth created by the working peoples in these countries are indeed the ” crazy baldheads” that King Bob sang about in his celebrated song.

    Sadly, on top of eating up all the corn i.e helping the powerful and wealthy classes in the cited global areas to steal the lion’s share of the wealth created by working people, these con men and women who pass as leaders of the very workers they help to rob heap “scorn” or contempt on them. They demean them and humiliate them in formal and informal conversations with their “local and foreign masters.” They call them ” stupid”, “fools”, “commoners” and even worst.” However, as King Bob says in his song “Them crazy” and more importantly King Bob admonishes us to ” chase those crazy baldheads out of town i.e out of positions of power and authority over those who labor and sweat each day to ” build the castles” and ” to plant the corn” which are stolen by our collective oppressors namely imperialism with the assistance of its tyrannical political elites.

    Finally, those of us who believe a better world is possible and more importantly who fight in small and big ways for the realization of that world must realize that many of the bastards i.e “the crazy baldheads”who rule in our countries were voted in by poor people and working people.

    Obviously, we have a lot of political work to do to both organize and educate these workers and poor peasants to identify more decisively with their class interests and not those of the “con men and women” who frequently run for political office to advance their own political and economic interests before we can really ” chase them out of town.”

    However, in the meantime, we take courage and draw inspiration from those working peoples around the world such as the Cubans, the Venezuelans, the Bolivians, the Ecuadorians and many more who have either chased their “crazy baldheads” out of town or are building their political and organizational capacities to chase them out of town for good. Indeed just recently, the people of Guatemala have shown us once again that unity is strength in preparing to chase a ” crazy ball head” like the corrupt former president Molina and his vice-president out of town i. e out of office.

    Bob’s song is therefore a rallying cry for all peoples who are “sick and tired” of being ” sick and tired” of the “crazy baldheads” who con them too frequently whether in the USA, Britain, Africa, Latin America or the Caribbean promising us the moon, the sky and everything on earth only to get a handle on power to screw us in favor of the billionaire classes.

    Let’s organize and educate ourselves for the hard and long political battles to chase those “crazy ballheads out of town”. Perhaps that is the best way to remind them that “a I and I build the cabin and a I and I plant the corn” and therefore a I and I should be the beneficiaries of the “corn” or wealth that only I and I i.e the toiling masses produce in all countries ruled by “crazy ballheads”who because they are crazy see themselves as the masters and bosses of working people.

    “Some people are so poor that all they have is money.” Bob Marley.

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