We are ready to assist the people in the event of volcanic eruptions … Cuban medical brigade in Ecuador

Source:  Cuban News Agency

August 31 2015

The Cuban medical brigade in Ecuador is ready to assist the local population in the event of the eruption of the Cotopaxi and Tungurahua volcanoes, which have increased activity over the past few days.

correa with cuban doctors in ecuador

File photo: Cuban medical brigade with President Correa; Quito, March 9 (RHC-PL)

Doctor Maria Isabel Martinez, head of an 800-member medical brigade in Ecuador, said that the doctors, nurses and technical personnel deployed in risky zones will occupy their position in the event of an eruption.

Volcano_eruption in ecuador

Cotopaxi volcano erupting in Ecuador

The two volcanoes, located at just 100 kilometers from each other, have increased activity with ashes affecting nearby settlements, while their irruption is not discarded by experts.

Source:  Cuban doctors ready to assists Ecuadorians amidst volcano threat Cuban News Agency

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