U.S. not prepared to give up in Latin America 

The United States stokes historic territorial disputes to weaken “adversary” governments of the region, while at the same time it rekindles divisions contrary to regional unity

by: Patricio Montesinos | internet@granma.cu
Source:  Granma

August 21, 2015

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro, together with Chavista forces, confronts successive destabilizing maneuvers from the internal right wing, supported by the U.S. Photo: www.eltiempo.com

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro, together with Chavista forces, confronts successive destabilizing maneuvers from the internal right wing, supported by the U.S. Photo: http://www.eltiempo.com

The United States knows it has lost ground in Our America and wants it back at any cost, sparking a chain reaction to push progressive governments of the region out of power; those it considers “enemies” that should be overthrown by any means or through “soft, low intensity or violent coups,” it’s all the same.

Venezuela, Brazil, Ecuador, El Salvador

This is the current situation in Venezuela, Brazil, Ecuador, El Salvador, as it has been in Argentina, and could be in other nations in the future, where autonomous anti-imperialist and anti-neoliberal processes are being implemented, in defense regional integration.

dilma is resisting

President Dilma Rousseff is resisting a strong onslaught from the Brazilian conservative opposition, trying to remove her from office at any cost. Photo: http://www.bbc.com

Washington is making full use of the old annexationist right-wing to fulfill its objective, the heirs of European colonialism later trained in U.S. neocolonialism, and who only know of using force to maintain or impose their control.

Scarce possibilities of winning at the polls, unless they commit outright fraud

It is clear that these traditional conservative parties, weakened due to their repressive measures against the people, their paramilitaries, cases of corruption, their links to drug trafficking and their endless servility to the White House, are aware that they have scarce possibilities of winning at the polls, unless they commit outright fraud.

They have as a weapon the media under their control, while at the same time they make full use of “press freedom” to lie, slander, call for civil disobedience and even unscrupulously encourage and provoke street riots such as those seen in Brazil and Ecuador.

They violate all the rules of the “democracy” they claim to defend, and their demand is the same: that the presidents of progressive governments resign.

Corrupt politicians, militaries, weak figures of the “left” and criminal gangs

They unleash genuine economic wars, as seen in Venezuela, creating scarcities of basic goods, and previously in Argentina through the so-called “Vulture Funds,” they corrupt politicians, militaries and weak figures of the “left” and even go as far as to use criminal gangs to generate situations of chaos, as occurred in El Salvador.

The United States meanwhile stokes historic territorial disputes to weaken “adversary” governments of the region, while at the same time it rekindles divisions contrary to regional unity.

Third countries considered “friends” by the White House, act as operational bases for the special services of the Pentagon to monitor and support destabilization plans, in which their military presence has increased.

Of course, the funding for all this comes from Washington, drug lords in different disguises, and organizations which with their “overcoats of cooperation and development aid” hide their true objectives: to subvert order in the grassroots, and exacerbate differences between ethnic minorities, religious faiths and different social groups of the poorest, campesinos, miners and workers in general.

The newest major operation against Latin America and the Caribbean is in full swing, as various leaders have already warned, but the United States has not yet understood, due to its imperialist arrogance, that new times with significant geopolitical changes are apace in the world, which will surely derail its delirious quest to dominate the Great Motherland. (Rebelión)

Source:  U.S. not prepared to give up in Latin America  Granma

One thought on “U.S. not prepared to give up in Latin America 

  1. There is no parasite or parasitic system that will give up the source of its parasitism. That is precisely why in biological systems, mosquitoes and ticks, as examples,persistently suck the blood of humans, cows, dogs and other animals. The same thing occurs in the plant kingdom with parasitic plants as in the animal kingdom with mosquitoes and ticks.

    If and when parasites stop sucking the source of their survival, they simply die and disappear from the face of the earth. Similarly, capitalism and imperialism are parasitic social systems in Latin America, the Caribbean, Asia and Africa. The sources of their parasitism and domination of these regions are the resources; oil, gold, copper, land, labor, silver and others of the peoples of these regions that sustain their power and wealth over the very peoples they rob of their resources daily.

    Thus, when any people in this case particularly the peoples of Latin America begin to assert their power to own and control their resources as they are doing in Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador, Brazil, Argentina and others, the monopolist capitalists or imperialists particularly those in the US become ‘worried’, ” concerned” and ” troubled” about “stability”, ” democracy” and “freedom” in these countries. However, so long as these governments in Latin America and elsewhere remain submissive and loyal to the US and other Western governments and allow their corporations to suck billions in profits by exploiting the resources of these peoples while they live in poverty, misery and filth, there will be no such concerns about ‘stability”, ” freedom” and the rest from the parasitic imperialists and their governments.

    There is a long and carefully documented history of capitalist and imperialist parasitism in Latin America and elsewhere. As such there should be NO surprise and surely there is none about the sustained attempts of US imperialism and all those in their service in the cited Latin American countries and elsewhere to recover what they arrogantly consider to be “lost grounds” in the region. After all, the US imperialists have rudely considered Latin America and the Caribbean for decades to be ” their backyard.” No family would allow their neighbors to take over their backyard as no neighbor would allow another to take over its backyard. That is how the American imperialists think of us and our region to them. In other words, the US imperialists are unable to see our region and the countries that make it up as sovereign cultures, peoples, governments, institutions and resources worthy to determine our future freely and independently by using our resources to feed, clothe, educate and provide health care for our people without the parasites sticking their insatiable and blood filled tentacles all over our bodies and other resources.

    Thus, the surprise is not and should never be the disgusting desire of the US imperialists and their local enforcers to recapture “lost grounds” in the region, rather the challenge is how to ensure that these ” lost grounds” remain lost to the historical parasites of our region. Further, our challenge is to free more countries from the parasitic tentacles of imperialism so as to continue to make them lose grounds for ever. That’s the best way to weaken imperialism and end their parasitism and domination over our peoples. Indeed, that is the best way to express our solidarity with peoples in Africa, Asia and indeed those in Europe and North America in their struggles to free themselves from global parasitism.

    So in closing, I believe that it is important to say that solidarity must be expressed with all the governments who are battling imperialism and their local oligarchies so as to unapologetically develop a civilized existence for their peoples. However, it is equally important that it be said clearly and candidly that the government of Brazil and its president stop vacillating between its people and imperialism and instead consistently take the side of its people against corruption and the oligarchy particularly because of its enormity, global importance, resources and its strategic role as a member of the BRICS. Thus, if the imperialists and the Brazilian oligarchy succeed to remove President Dilma Rousseff who is currently very vulnerable, this would represent a significant blow to the progressive and anti-imperialist movement within Brazil, regionally and globally. As such, for the latter reason alone despite our political feelings about President Rousseff and perhaps other leaders, the bigger picture of defeating our common enemy-imperialism must NEVER escape our sight in our tactical and strategic battles.

    “It is impossible until it’s done” Nelson Mandela

    Hasta la Victoria Siempre! El Che

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