CMPI Barbados: Statement of Solidarity with the Government of Brazil

Caribbean Movement for Peace and Integration

Bridgetown. Barbados

Tel: 246 237 9982 Email:


21st August 2015

A press statement of solidarity with the Government and People of Brazil

dilma rousseff 4The Caribbean Movement for Peace and Integration, Cuban Barbadian Friendship Association, Friends of Venezuela Solidarity Committee and the Pan-African Coalition of Organizations, friends of all Governments in Latin America stand in solidarity with the Federative Republic of Brazil.

We express our strong feelings against the right-wing extreme sectors of Brazil which once again, backed by the Government of the United States of America, are trying to carry out actions to destabilize the legitimate Government of President Dilma Rousseff. These groups are promoting actions to impeach President Rousseff and calling upon the military to overthrow the government recalling very well-known agendas from the past.

Lula da SilvaQuoting the former Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, the present economic crisis in Brazil has nothing to do with President Rousseff, but comes from the heart of the United States which thinks that it has the solutions to the world’s problems taking back Brazil under the US controlled International Monetary Fund.

A call on the governments of the region

We use this opportunity to make a call on the Government of Barbados and other Governments in our region to condemn the reactionary forces acting in Brazil that threaten the Government of Brazil and undermine the progress of their People.

Our Movement can see that the Government of the United States of America and its fascist’s friends are trying very hard to create conditions for a Vietnam, Iraq, Libya, Panama, Grenada-style intervention in Latin America; therefore we also condemn these sectors of the US Government for interfering with the internal affairs in Brazil in Latin America.

The peace-loving people of Barbados and the Caribbean will support the legitimate Government of Brazil which has achieved tangible successes bringing the Brazilian people out of poverty and improving the country’s economy. We will support President Rousseff and her government to overcome these threats that are constantly creating problems in Brazil.

David Denny
General Secretary

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