Take Action this Weekend to Remember Mike Brown & the Ferguson Uprising

The people of Ferguson and St. Louis have asked all of us to act in remembrance and resistance on the anniversary of an Uprising that inspired a nation.  Click here to pledge to take action now.

unitedwefight ferguson

This Sunday, August 9th on 11:55 AM CST the exact time of the death of Michael Brown Jr, the Brown family has called a national moment of silence.  Throughout the day, commit collective acts of remembrance, mourning, healing, and resilience in response to the violence and harm inflicted on our people.

This Monday, August 10th, as a reminder to to all of us that Ferguson is everywhere we invite you to take bold action in your community.  Engage in direct actions & mass mobilizations that confront violence against ALL black people everywhere.  As we take action, lift up the vision for the world we desire.

Go online now and take the pledge.

Visit Ferguson Action
 and Ferguson Response

to find or list actions in your community.

Use the hashtags #UnitedWeFight as well as #BlackAugust as we honor the courage and legacy of this movement.  Text Handsup to 90975 for more info.


Ferguson Action Team

One thought on “Take Action this Weekend to Remember Mike Brown & the Ferguson Uprising

  1. The struggle continues first to remind ourselves as a people particularly those of us who have assimilated the racist idea that black lives don’t matter that in fact our lives do matter as human beings. Secondarily, the struggle continues not to convince others that our lives matter but to demonstrate through organization and dignity that the rest of humanity should accept that our lives matter.

    I believe that this is one way to honor and show respect to the life of Mike Brown and all the other brothers and sisters whose lives have been cut short by racist thugs in uniforms all across America.

    Bob Marley says it well to all white supremacists in his song ” War”—” —-until the philosophy that holds one race superior and another inferior is finally and permanently discredited and abandoned , everywhere there will be war, war, war and rumors of wars.”

    These words of Marley should be a rallying cry to all of us who are burning with freedom not only to remove the symbols of white supremacy but to more importantly end the structures of racism and the capitalism system that not only anchors it but sustains it in dividing and ruling working class people of all races.

    RIP Mike Brown!

    The struggle continues to end racism!

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