Honduras Congress will honor Fidel Castro

Source:  Cuban News Agency
Aug 8 2015

fidel y Marti 2The Honduran National Congress will award a special acknowledgement to the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, for his work in favor of the health and education of the people of that Central American country, the Cubasi Web site reported on Friday.

In a solemn ceremony, in the presence of heads and coordinators of medical brigades offering their services in Honduras, Fidel Castro and the Cuban people will be honored by that Congress by way of a Gold Medal and a scroll, which will be received by the Caribbean island’s ambassador to Honduras, Sergio Oliva.

Scherly Melissa Arriaga Gomez Honduras 2The award was proposed by the deputy of the Libertad and Refundacion (Libre) Party, Scherly Arriaga (photo), and backed by the Nationalist Party, Oswaldo Ramos, President of the Legislation Commission.

Cuba cooperates with Honduras in the field of health since 1974, when the country was hit by Hurricane Fifi.

In addition, 345,000 Hondurans have studied Medicine at Havana’s Latin American Medical School (ELAM).

Until July this year, the Cuban Medical Mission in Honduras had treated a total of 27.6 million cases in different areas, after 16 years of work.

Source:  Honduran Congress Gives Medal to Fidel Castro  Cuban News Agency

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