Evo Morales Advocates for Elimination of US Blockade Against Cuba

Aug 3. 2015

evo morales 15Bolivian President Evo Morales Jayma on Monday called for the lifting of the US blockade against the island of Cuba, imposed for more than 50 years on this Caribbean island, and the immediate delivery of the military base of Guantanamo that is illegally occupied by the US Army.

The process developed by Cuba and the US to normalize relations is a victory for the Cuban Revolution and its people. We expect US President Barack Obama to lift the economic blockade and deliver the base of Guantanamo, said Morales in a press conference at the Government Palace in La Paz.

Morales highlighted the power of resistance of the Cuban people, who were not intimidated at such pressure and knew how to succeed.

Cuba has always had international support at the United Nations

Cuba, he added, has always had international support at the United Nations, with only two or three countries were opposed to lift the blockade, United States, Israel and variably one other country.

Morales recalled that at the beginning of his administration some US diplomats and parliamentarians advised him not to have relations with Cuba or Venezuela and Iran, and now it is they who are working with these governments to restore their links.

We answered that we would start diplomatic relations if we could with all governments in the world, because  Bolivia’s traditional culture is one of dialogue., said the popular president

“So now,” he said, “I think that instead of us being behind the United States, it is them who are behind the peoples of Latin America and the Caribbean.”(Prensa Latina)


One thought on “Evo Morales Advocates for Elimination of US Blockade Against Cuba

  1. The political voice of President Morales to end the failed and criminal blockade against the Cuban people. President Morales’ voice is critical as he is an important leader not only of the Bolivian revolution but also of the growing anti-imperialist movement that is surging across Latin America and the Caribbean.

    The hypocrisy of the US is so ably demonstrated by President Morales who exposed US diplomats and political representatives who tried to dissuade his government from establishing relations with Cuba. How rude and audacious are these Americans to even suggest to a sovereign president and government that it should not establish relations with another sovereign country?

    Gladly, President Morales’ government exercised its sovereign right to establish diplomatic relations with Cuba by defying the hypocritical counsel of US imperial representatives, who were simultaneously counseling against diplomatic relations between Bolivia and a Cuba while they were engaging with Cuba to “normalize relations.” How hypocritical can the representatives of an imperialist country be? Is there any limit to the political interventions of the US government in the affairs of sovereign nations?

    Finally, President Morales ultimately and happily made it clear to the world that fundamentally perhaps the main driver behind the “normalization of relations” with Cuba was and is the growing isolation of the US in Latin America and Cuba. In other words, the US was left with very little choice to try and restore its very bad image in the region but to “normalize relations” with Cuba. Paradoxically, the UsS imperialists tried to isolate Cuba for over 50 years and found itself isolated from very countries in the region that it tried vigorously to isolate Cuba from without success.

    The main reason for the failure of the US to isolate the Cuba revolution is that the “the table” had turned against the US slavedrivers, in other words, the political balances of forces in Latin America abd the Caribbean had turned against those who have arrogantly considered Latin America and the Caribbean to be their “backyard” for much too long. The change in the luck of the US in the region is witnessed primarily by the growing numbers of anti-imperialist revolutions in a number of Latin American countries such as Venezuela, Ecuador, Nicaragua and Bolivia.

    The struggle continues to end imperialism in the region and world!

    Peace if you are willing to fight for it!

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