New Documentary: ‘Castro: The World’s Most Watched Man’

Source:  TeleSUR
July 31 2015

The Discovery Channel has branded Cuba’s Fidel Castro as “The World’s Most Watched Man” in a new one-hour documentary which looks at Fidel’s life through the eyes of intelligence workers who observed him for more than half-century.

fidel castro united nations 1979The documentary looks back at more than 50 years of history through unprecedented access to declassified documents and shows exclusive interviews with spies, KGB agents and CIA analysts who followed Fidel.

Discovery Networks International’s documentary sheds light on the historic forces that have shaped Fidel’s leadership through the testimonies of these intelligence workers who watched him for more than half a century, Deadline reported.

“Castro is a controversial figure who has had an impact on generations of Cubans in and outside the island, as well as many people across Latin America,” Enrique R. Martínez, president and managing director of Discovery Networks Latin America.

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The documentary, which will be broadcast in more than 220 countries and territories this fall, “will deliver a unique perspective into the character of this polemic leader that is bound to spark robust discussions regarding his legacy and place in history,” Martinez added.

The news comes as Cuba and the U.S. are restoring diplomatic relations.

Source:  New Documentary: ‘Castro: The World’s Most Watched Man’  TeleSUR

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