Bombs Explode Outside Two Newspaper Offices in Ecuador

Source:  TeleSUR
July 30 2015

Ecuadorean authorities are currently launching an investigation into the new attacks that took place outside national media headquarters. 

Photo outside the El Telegrafo headquarter after the bomb detonated. | Photo: El Telegrafo

Photo outside the El Telegrafo headquarter after the bomb detonated. | Photo: El Telegrafo

Two bombs exploded Wednesday night near the headquarters of two major Ecuadorean daily newspapers, El Telegrafo and El Universo, located in the port city of Guayaquil.

The bombings did not result in any property damage or cause any physical injuries to people in the surrounding area.

Leaflet bombs

The “leaflet bombs” scattered dozens of flyers in the area, a communique, issued by a “National Liberation Front,” which claimed responsibility for the fresh round of attacks, as well as for the recent bombing of the headquarters of the ruling PAIS Alliance party also in Guayaquil.

Ecuador’s largest city, Guayaquil, lies over 400 kilometers southwest from capital Quito, at the mouth of the River Guayas.

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In response to the attacks, El Telegrafo’s director, Orlando Perez, issued a statement condemning the violent acts.

“We must inform our country that we have been victims of an attack … We are pubic servants and therefore we totally reject these types of actions that are being carried out. Yesterday it was against (the newspapers), but tomorrow it could happen to others,” Perez stated.

Local authorities are launching a deeper investigation into the organization claiming responsibility for the attacks.

“We are looking into the evidence and from that we will be able to determine the identity of the perpetrators,” said Col. Edison Gallardo.

The group’s name, the National Liberation Front, is an allusion to other clandestine armed organizations. However, the communique released by the group claiming responsibility for the attack is strikingly dissimilar to language used by other clandestine armed organizations in Latin America and reads more like a manifesto from a liberal organization than a revolutionary organization.

Source:  Bombs Explode Outside Two Newspaper Offices in Ecuador  TeleSUR

2 thoughts on “Bombs Explode Outside Two Newspaper Offices in Ecuador

  1. Do not be surprised that tall these attempts are perpetrated by the same Criminal Imperialist forces who have destroyed or destabilized many countries in the Middle East, Central Asia and North Africa. Any government who looks for the good of its citizens becomes an enemy of these hyenas.

  2. Those who have only bombs, violence and blood against the Citizens’ Revolution in Ecuador that is busily trying to provide answers to unemployment, hunger, poverty, illiteracy and other manifestations of inequality and underdevelopment are simply bankrupt.

    However, they are much more than bankrupt, they are evil doers who have no interest in solving the big challenges of development and equity facing the majority of Ecuadorians who have been ignored and abused by the local oligarchy and imperialism.

    The so-called National Liberation Front or NLF is by its actions a counter revolutionary group that is perhaps using a liberal sounding language to confuse the people that it is an organization with good intentions for the country. However, every well-meaning Ecuadorian who supports the revolution and even those who are critical of it should ask the simple question; who benefits from the fear and instability that the NLF is trying to create in the society?

    Presumably any fair minded answer to the question posed is pretty obvious, namely, that not only is the NLF not a truly national organization with roots among its people since if that were the case it would not be planting bombs at newspapers to scare reporters and the people but it is equally true that it is not a liberation organization since liberation is not achieved by planting bombs in spaces that may kill folks whether they support the revolution or not. However, the NLF is clearly a front, a terrorist front as only terrorists plant and explode bombs with the obvious purpose of driving fear in the minds of the citizens who support their revolution. The NLF is most likely a front for the local oligarchy and their imperialist guardians who have a distinct class interest in fomenting instability, fear and chaos to weaken and destabilize the Citizens’ Revolution.

    In this context, it is irrelevant for the revolution and its future as to whether the NLF’s political language is liberal sounding or right wing or reactionary. The critical point is that the NLF is by its actions of bombings an important political threat to the Citizens’ Revolution that must be liquidated in order to safeguard lives and the gains of the revolution.

    In closing, the very survival of the Citizens’ Revolution will necessitate that the ruling party of President Correa will have to soon increase the pressure on counter-revolutionary groups like the NLF to smash them and jail their leaders.

    If firm measures like the latter are not quickly taken by the political leadership of the Citizens’ Revolution, criminal front groups for the local oligarchy and its imperialist guardians such as the NLF will escalate their destabilization campaign of bombings, fear and chaos that in all likelihood will end in the loss of lives. The latter is a clear manifestation of the first law of dialectics, namely, development that results through contradictions and conflicts. In this case the contradiction is the one between the capitalist classes and the working and poorer classes and in Ecuador. The political process is still unfolding as the social classes and their front groups like the NLF continue to battle each other in the streets, in the media, schools, hospitals and many other spaces in the country. However, as Bob Marley once said, “Time will tell.”

    Peace if you are willing to fight for it!

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