Planting Love, Harvesting country: Venezuelans pay tribute to Hugo Chavez on his 61st birthday

29 July, 2015

chavez remembered on his 61st birthdayVenezuelans from different states gathered yesterday at the headquarters 4F, known as headquarters of the Mountain, located in Caracas, to mark the 61st birthday of the leader of the Bolivarian Revolution, Hugo Chavez.

A wide cross-section of the Venezuelan people came to honor the legacy of Commander Chavez including the  elderly, disabled, youth, children along with groups and representatives of community councils.

With flowers and photographs of the eternal leader of the Revolution, the people lined up to visit the flower of the Four Elements where his remains exist.

The president of the poor

The celebration of the birth of the legendary past Venezuelan president, affectionately known as ‘the president of the poor, included acts from several musical and theatre groups as the young and old joined in a common sentiment to pay respect to one of the most outstanding leaders of the modern period.

Also on hand at the solemn ceremony, which began at exactly 12 midnight on Tuesday, July 28th, and was broadcast live on TV network Telesur, were Chavez’s daughters María Gabriela, Rosa Virginia and Rosa Inés Chávez, his cousin Asdrúbal Chávez, Army Commander Cilia Flores, Venezuelan Vice President Jorge Arreaza and the country’s ministers.

In a letter to the late president, his daughter, Rosa Virginia Chavez, said the example of her father remains in force in all persons in the world who are willing to sow the seeds of solidarity, justice and love.

Rosa Chavez

She also said that every day, the revolutionaries move along the path which he carved out in order to magnify Venezuela.

We will continue training ourselves to defend this homeland you left us, Rosa Virginia Chavez wrote in the letter, and explained how his values went beyond the country’s borders and were settled in Latin America and the Caribbean.

She also confirmed that the Bolivarians will support President Nicolas Maduro to keep the Revolution and its social conquests.

Shortly before departing Tuesday for New York to meet with UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro paid homage to Hugo Chavez at the Cuartel de la Montaña in Caracas, which treasures the remains of the late Bolivarian leader.

Cultural galas and other commemorative activities have also been organized in countries like Spain, Cyprus, Nicaragua, Cuba and Ecuador, to pay tribute to the beloved Bolivarian and Latin American leader.

Since July 24, there have been tributes to Chavez including workshops on his ideas and along with various cultural and recreational activities in different states to remember the legacy of the leader of the Revolution, under the name “Planting Love, Harvesting country ‘.

On Sunday, July 26, President Maduro said from the Mountain Barracks that one of Chavez’ great contributions was the Miracle Mission, founded along with the leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, and through which about four million people recovered sight or their quality of vision.

Residents of the Venezuelan capital conducted a national cohetazo on the anniversary of Commander Chavez.

Chavez’ family honors his memory

The town of Barinas, where the Commander Hugo Chavez was born, accompanied the relatives of revolutionary leader in various activities to celebrate his birthday and ratify their loyalty to the socialist process that bequeathed and which President Nicolas Maduro continues. The brother of the commander and governor of Barinas, Adan Chavez, said that the leader of the Bolivarian Revolution continues to motivate the people to defend the homeland. He also stressed that the effect of his legacy is evident in the military civic union.

After singing Happy Birthday to President Chavez, the candidate of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) for the circuit five of Caracas, Jacqueline Faria, said that the leader of the Bolivarian Revolution is a flame that lives in the Venezuelan people.


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