Toronto Forum on Cuba Celebrates Cuba’s Rebellion Day

Toronto Forum on Cuba

toronto forum on cuba celebrates july 26 2015Celebrate CUBA’s REBELLION DAY
Sunday, July 26
2:00 pm to 6:00 pm

United Steelworkers’ Hall, 25 Cecil St.
(one block southeast of College and Spadina)
Dedicated to Cuban Internationalist Healthcare & Education Workers

Special Guest
Professor Keith Ellis on The Legacy of Eduardo Galeano
Live Music
Ernesto Espinoza & Pablo Gutierrez
Wally Brooker & Paul OConnell
Steve Hall
Carlos Angulo and more
Dance Performance
Skigh Johnson
Homemade Halal food and much more… 

     On July 26th, 1953 a group of brave young Cubans, led by Fidel Castro, attacked the Moncada and the Carlos Manuel de Céspedes garrisons, symbols of the tyranny and occupation of Cuba under the U.S. puppet regime of Batista.
Although the attack was militarily defeated, it raised the banner of struggle, which would lead to the victory of the Cuban Revolution on Jan. 1st, 1959.
This year we cheer the return of the Cuban Five to their families and their homeland and we dedicate this year’s celebration to the selfless Cuban internationalist healthcare workers who courageously volunteered to battle the Ebola virus in Western Africa and the Cuban internationalist  education workers whose hard work and dedication have taught more than eight million people throughout the world, how to read and write. 

Organized by TORONTO FORUM ON CUBA     *

Toronto Forum on Cuba

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