July 26: Celebration, joy and patriotism reigned today in Santiago

Source: Cuban News Agency
July 26 2015

july 26 fidel 2An atmosphere of celebration, joy and patriotism reigned today in Santiago a city which  just celebrated the 500th anniversary of its founding, and in which the children confess that these same emotions are always present  when they celebrate their most important date – the date which marks the heroic deed of the attack on the Moncada Garrison led by Fidel 62 years ago .

The red and black, white and blue colors abounded on the streets; in the clothes of its inhabitants, in homes and public buildings, as the Cuban and 26 of July flags flew while chants ennobling revolutionary fervor filled the air.

Again, participants in the attack on the Moncada Garrison reunited with history, and heroes and the people joined in one embrace in the morning of Saint Ana at the site of the July 26 School City, where at 5:12 a.m. the traditional symbolic attack was carried out and the main rally for National Rebellion Day was held.

Students reenactment of the Fidel Castro led attack on the Moncada  barracks

Students reenactment of the Fidel Castro led attack on the Moncada barracks


Raul and other leaders at july 26 2015 celebrations

Abel Santamaria

Abel Santamaria

The July 26 Monument Area, remodeled for the occasion, was in all its finery, with its Abel Santamaria park-museum, the old Saturnino Lora Hospital and the Law courts, sites that keep a piece of the heroic deeds lived in 1953 by Santiago de Cuba by locals and youth of the Centennial Generation.

For journalist and retired combatant Manuel Antonio Rodriguez, the indomitable spirit of the inhabitants of this land is reaffirmed in such a significant date for the country, when the struggle for national sovereignty, which brought about the dawn of January 1959, was restarted.

We are proud, he said, in a city that is a symbol for its history, culture and people, with notable work and full of deeds; yesterday in emancipation, after winning the definitive freedom; today, working hand to hand to make this piece of Cuba grow in stature.

Teacher and Labor Hero Rolando Beltran runs a school named after martyr Abel Santamaria, where there is no better prize and reward, he says, than educating men and women of the same lineage.

cubans celebrate july 26 2015He highlighted the spirit of his countrymen, capable of rising to the challenge of creating after the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy in 2012, following the example of the Moncada attackers, of its heroes and martyrs.

July is a peculiar month to those born in this part of the archipelago, who live days of homage, of holiday and work, with streets filled with singing and folklore of people expressing unceremoniously all the joy harbored in their hearts, all the strength coming from their ancestors.

july 26 2015 santiago 4cThis is a people of love and virtue, a people who honor the rebelliousness and bravery of their city every July 26 as if the shots and the light of Moncada had shaken Santiago de Cuba again and the city shook and throbbed with more verve to the beat of all Cuba.

Source:  Santiago de Cuba Dawned Red and Black this July 26  Cuban News Agency

2 thoughts on “July 26: Celebration, joy and patriotism reigned today in Santiago

  1. Another world is indeed possible. In today’s reality it calls for different approaches to that utilized by Fidel and his compatriots. CELAC, ALBA and BRICS provide a great opportunity for south-south collaboration being built as an alternative to the forces defeated in 1959. Our challenge is to bring Jamaicans into the mindset of and active participation in that community. The courage, wisdom and determination of Cuba against overwhelming odds provides a shining example.

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