Argentina president says West seeking to destabilize Latin America

April 12 2015

Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner has slammed the West’s “soft” campaign to destabilize Latin American countries.

cristina fernandez 3During her address at the 35-nation Summit of the Americas in Panama City on Saturday, she said the attempts always originate in some NGOs that “we never know who finance them.”

She warned that the destructive attempts “aim at the destabilization of governments in the region, of the governments that have done the most for equality, for education and social inclusion.”

Pointing to the “major accomplishments” of the Latin American governments in the areas of human rights, social inclusion, health, and education, Kirchner said the West lends support to “governments with neoliberal policies that shattered people.”

She also denounced the Western attempts to combat “governments that can show their credentials of having been the ones that have included their countrymen the most.”

Malvinas Islands

Elsewhere in her remarks, the Argentine president criticized the UK for considering her nation a “threat” and thus justifying an increase in its military presence in the Malvinas Islands, known as the Falklands to the British.

“The United Kingdom declared my country a threat to its won territory, the Malvinas Islands: 2.3 percent of UK’s budget is allocated to defense. It is also absurd,” she added.

Britain declared Malvinas as part of its overseas territories in 1833. Argentina calls it an occupation and has time and again challenged the British military presence in the archipelago, which is about 500 kilometers (310 miles) east of Argentina’s coast.

Row over the islands turned into a bloody war in 1982. The conflict then claimed the lives of 649 Argentine soldiers, 255 Britons and three islanders.

Tensions between Argentina and the UK mounted again in 2013, after a London-backed referendum asking the islanders to decide whether to remain under the British rule. Some 99.8 percent people voted to remain a British territory. The Argentine government challenged the vote calling it “a British manoeuvre lacking legal value”.

Source:  Argentina president says West seeking to destabilize Latin America

One thought on “Argentina president says West seeking to destabilize Latin America

  1. The long outstanding issue of Argentina’s sovereignty over the Farklans/Malvinas islands requires urgent resolution. The fact that the UK, the colonial power in this case can blatantly ignore the UN resolution regarding the dispute over the referenced islands is a manifestation of the power balance within the UN Security Council. It appears that some of the bigger countries on the security council such as the US and France are probably not exerting the necessary pressure on their UK ally to bring the legitimate claims of Argentina to the islands to a close. Why would this be the case?

    One possible reason is that the oil and gas companies in these countries are either already exploiting oil and gas resources in these islands or are planning to do so like those British hydrocarbon companies. That is a huge economic incentive for the imperialist powers in the UN Security Council and others who benefit from the hydrocarbon resources of the Farkland/Malvinas islands to preserve the colonial status of these islands.

    Thus the real reason for the continued colonial status of the referenced islands despite the UK’s obvious disregard for the UN’s resolution and despite Agentina’s legitimate claims over them seems to be related to the monetary returns at stake over the oil and gas resources on these islands. The latter is precisely because the imperialist nations allied to the UK’s interests in maintaining the colonial status of these islands not only share these interests but they also know that Argentina ‘s sovereignty over them would probably restrict their access to these resources and as such the profitability of western hydrocarbon companies would be jeopardized.

    Thus, until all colonies and neo-colonies are eliminated from the face of the earth and until racism and other forms of bigotry are also banished from the human experience, for humanity as a whole but particularly the so-called advanced countries like the UK, the US, France and others to talk about civilization is simply empty and hypocritical. Indeed, it was the latter countries that gave the world slavery, colonialism, neocolonialism, capitalism, imperialism, racism, fascism, wars and other forms of barbarities that have killed tens of millions, subjected other hundreds of millions to poverty , hunger, diseases, underdevelopment and other forms of human indignities none of which even remotely resemble civilization.

    Peace if you are willing to fight for it!

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