Ecuador: President Correa call on citizens to “be prepared” for destabilization attempts


23rd July 2015

Ecuador in the midst of a ‘soft coup’

Rafael CorreaPresident Rafael Correa met Thursday with governors and political heads from all provinces to define actions that will be executed in the Alianza PAIS (AP) political movement in view of destabilizing attempts from the opposition to weaken the government using different strategies.

“We are before a soft coup; there is an ongoing process of protests, slander, they try to cause financial panic, a psychological war to weaken the government, avoid governability or destabilize it and we need to be ready for these circumstances,” Correa told journalists after the meeting that lasted about three hours which took place in the 24 de mayo school.

Work harder for the country

The head of state also indicated that the best strategy to face the “national strike” planned for August and organized by union, indigenous and social organizations from the opposition, is “to work harder for the country telling them that we will not go back to the past.”

Provincial authorities received the president amid applause and expressed their support for the Citizen Revolution project with slogans.

correa and provincial authoritiesDuring the event, authorities talked about strategies to face the political moment the country is going through and told experiences they have had in their provinces during talks with citizens within the framework of the national dialogue on equity and social justice promoted by the government.

Among the high-authorities that participated in the meeting were vice president Jorge Glas, minister of the interior José Serrano, executive secretary of AP Doris Soliz, the secretary of political management Viviana Bonilla and foreign minister Ricardo Patiño.

 “We cannot move backwards”

During his intervention, minister Serrano affirmed that the opposition is preparing a second coup attempt after the “disastrous” September 30, 2010 when a police protest led to violent acts and the kidnapping of president Correa at a hospital. 10 people died on that day and tens were injured.

He also pointed out that all authorities working in provinces must fight for the present and future of Ecuador to be filled with equity and social justice. “We cannot move backwards, we will constantly evaluate ourselves to see how many people consider us real leaders and worthy representatives of the Citizen Revolution,” he said.

Commit to dialogue

Bonilla, on the other hand, invited governors and political heads to defend the project and commit to dialogue. “The government is carrying out a national dialogue process that aims at debating on the model of the country we want, a fair, egalitarian and caring Ecuador. But it is not only about talking but to propose, to encourage citizens to present their coherent proposals with legitimate positions,” she affirmed.

support for correaGovernors and political heads of provinces showed their support to the head of state.

Regarding the opposition protest planned for August 3, Zamora’s governor Fernando Dávila said the march arises from misinformation since this is the province the Ecuadorian government has invested more resources.

The meeting with governors, political heads of provinces took place a day after the Ecuadorian chief of state met with authorities from the Decentralized Autonomous Governments to analyze their participation mechanism in the dialogue process on equity and social justice and to establish a “political route for 2015-2017.

Source:  President Correa called on citizens to “be prepared” for destabilization attempts

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