Cuba: The need to preserve our civility, discipline and order

Source:  Cuban News Agency
By Julio Juan Leandro/AIN Special Service

17 July 2015

There is possibly no other nation in the world safer than Cuba and that is one of the  tourists arrive in cubareasons why the number of tourists continues to increase.

However, this does not mean there are no petty theft or social disobedience problems, two issues that can be eliminated with everyone’s help.

Raul’s call 

The list of social disobedience is long and the best response to this is to comply with the call made by the President of the Council of State and Ministers, Raul Castro: order, discipline and demands.

An example is one in the garbage dump of Microdistrito A in the city of Ciego de Avila between the buildings number 20 and 12, one of the most anti hygienic places in the city.

Garbage is dumped in that area from 96 apartments, a day care center, a grocery store, 5th Street and other areas with materials that include rubble, trees and even the leftovers of animals butchered nearby.

¨Divers¨ are always collecting plastic bags, boxes and other materials that are transferred to backyards and other places by the wind.

The workers of the Communal Services work hard but the capacity of its recollection vehicles cannot face the demand in addition to the fact that the garbage dumps should not be located inside the city and large containers and more efficient means must be used.

The population of the Vista Hermosa neighborhood have personally insisted with their government representatives for the inspectors of the Peoples Power to take action but they are nowhere to be seen.

A united effort by the community and institutions

A united effort by the community and institutions must be carried out in order to eliminate garbage and rubble in the streets, clean gardens and backyards, avoid loud music, people urinating on the walls and an end to obscene words by the people in the neighborhoods.



Deysi Palmero, housewife, affirmed that the Cuban people have always been characterized for being decent and having good behavior but recently many values have been lost.

She added: We have a high level of education but the levels have dropped and that is not solved in school; it is the task of all, especially the family.

Nubia Rodriguez, psychologist, on her part expressed that “the consumption of alcohol is one of the most frequent issues with initiate fights, conflicts, violence and other bad behaviors.

Cruz Esquivel who is a retiree points out that the atmosphere of social tolerance has worsened the matter.

A task of the population in general

Esquivel assured that “ending social misbehavior and petty theft depends not only of the political will and action of institutions; it’s a task of the population in general.

In this objective, favoring Cuban society, there are ideas that cannot be forgotten: transforming schemes, combating the bad habits, fighting mentalities and feelings and responsibilities.

Source:  Feelings and Responsibility   Cuban News Agency

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